Top sex toys brands in India-Where to buy branded sex toys?

Aleena Nov 11 2018 at 11:13 AM

Why is Samsung and Apple at the top of our heads when we think of buying a new phone?

Why do we rush to D-Mart and Big bazaar for our monthly groceries?

Why do we treat our feet with only Woodlands and Nike?

Why we don’t look at any product when Lakme and Maybelline are on sale?

Why is Parachute and Nivea in every household and why do we keep buying them when it’s get over?

I’ll tell you why.

Because these brands have carved an esteemed position for themselves in India and in the hearts of all of us.

Some of these ain’t so called “Indian” brands but we do love and trust them like they have birthed from our Indian soil.

So when it comes to sex toys, which is so intimate to us…..why do we not care about looking for the brand?

Our Indian legal system places laws of producing sex toys in this country and hence they need to be imported from foreign brands to make it available for the Indian audience.

So let us look at some of these brands and hope to make you fall in love with them.

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey-

We started with this one because some percent of Indian population already know this term and some may be even already in love with it.

*So yeah our work gets easier*.

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For those of you who don’t know, fifty shades of grey is an erotic novel which was later turned into a movie. The novel became so highly popular because of the fantasy it created in people’s minds.

And following the same craze, the novel’s author released a “fantasy” collection in the UK by the same name as the book.

This collection recreates the same scenes that happened in the book for you and your partner with the help of its products. These products are named after things and quotes from the world of Christian Grey and Ana Steele making the whole experience feel more realistic.

Christian Grey’s world spelled luxury in every inch of his existence. And these toys have the exact same characteristics in them. They are luxuriously built with top-notch quality material to give you a complete Seattle experience.

So if you have been a fan of the book and sex toys in general, you don’t have to look any further than this brand of sex toys.

Check out sex toys and adult products from Fifty Shades Of Grey collection in India here.

2. Screaming O-

The name itself has a sexual connotation to it.

O stands for our big O, the orgasm.

And this brand ensures that you reach that O screaming!

Screaming O is a brand from USA that brings fun-to-use sex toys targeted towards building intimacy and giving more satisfying sex.

They believe that each one us deserve safe materials and good-quality construction.

And that’s all we need in a brand.To care for us and the way this one does. And to believe in what we deserve.

Screaming O has an award-winning product range with clever names which makes it fun and easy for people to introduce sex toys in their lives for the first time.

Screaming O is on a mission to reinvent the way people have sex across the globe-and have fun doing it.

Let’s join the mission, what say?

Check out sex toys from Screaming O in India here.

3. DND-

DND is a brand that designs its products in Germany but while creating, keeps a thoroughly Indian mindset.

They want to create toys that will appeal to the Indian sensibilities and aligns with the Indian legal laws. A perfect combination for you & I to use.

You’ll see a wide range of toys in every category from DND.

Why? Because they innovate.


DND is one such brand that does not stop after producing one whole range of toys.

It experiments. It measures. It re-invents.

DND puts out a product in the market and check if it works. Is it appealing to the customers? What’s the feedback from it’s users? Is it working for them?

DND does not shy away from taking the product out of the market if it doesn’t work. And just like that DND has produced highly creative sex toys that appeal to the Indian audience and are budget-friendly as well.

Check out sex toys from DND in India here.

4. JoyDivision-

This one does not have any sexual nuance to it. It’s just a plain,simple name for a company that has a passion in sensually erotic lifestyle.

It’s simple. Joydivision wants people to have fun with their body and their partner’s body.

Joydivision dermatologically and clinically tests its products and checks that they are skin-friendly. So you don’t have to worry about your safety.

This edgy brand from Germany produces supreme quality sex toys that helps people experience sensuality at a higher level.

Check out sex products from Joydivision in India here.

So these were some top international brands you can go for blindly. Check for the entire list of sex toys brands on India’s most loved India’s sex toys store,


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