As an Indian girl, I tried lubricant for the first time and this is what happened……..

Aleena Jul 17 2018 at 7:18 AM

Rohit and me are always up for some or the other adventure. Staying in different cities we meet once every month and there’s always this thought to come up with new activity ideas to do on every meet. We meet for an entire day and sometimes we run out of ideas to do together.

We have always had this “interesting couple tag” in our social circle. The couple who does the  most crazy, cheesiest, romantic stuff. Behind closed doors we were definitely up to more. Right from crossword challenges to pillow fights…we always incorporate one new element in our next meet. Something which we can look forward to and which also keeps our relationship fresh and spicy. We have even gone to the extent of performing a full-fledged skin facial on each other during one of our meetings. It was great fun though.

Being a blogger, Rohit constantly becomes subject of my various posts and articles. This one was no different.

I proposed the idea of trying out a personal lubricant during our makeout sessions. He thought it was so romantic of me but little did he know I wanted content ideas for my blog (I know, I am so wicked).

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