I tried a new sex position…and here’s how it went

Aleena Sep 3 2018 at 9:35 AM

It is called…..The Hook,have you heard about it?

So last night after my skin cleansing routine, I jumped into the bed next to my already snoring boyfriend.

That man can even sleep on the water. I envy him.

I was going through my social media feed and came across this new sex position *Now please don’t ask what accounts I follow*

In bold, highlighted words the post screamed,

Better orgasms!

And I was sold. I am an absolute sucker for deep, gratifying orgasms which I have had only with wild, kinky positions up till now.

This one sounded like another kinky position I could not wait to try.

I so badly wanted to try it out so I thought of doing something about my sleepy boyfriend.

So one thing about Tejas, he never covers himself while he sleeps. *And I sleep with a huge ass blanket on me*

I thought of giving him a bed blowjob. I knew he would be thrilled.

That man can do anything for a blowjob.

So I ducked down and placed my lips over his cotton trousers.

Opened my lips and heavily started sucking. Tejas jolted and awake and furrowed his eyebrows,

“What are you doing?”

I lifted my eyes and said,

“What does it look like I am doing?”

He caressed my cheek and let me continue. *Told you*.

After he finished in my mouth,he insisted on cuddling *Did I tell you he’s a softie too?*

After a bit of smooching I got back to my phone and for few minutes I had completely forgotten about the position I had to try until Tejas asked me this,

“Why did you do that all of a sudden?”

With puppy dog eyes and a sheepish smile I confessed,

“To wake you up”.

I’ll fast forward our usual romance and get you guys to the actual sex position.

So this position was like,

The girl lying down on her back and the guy on top of her. *Classic missionary*

We did exactly that *after some foreplay of course*

I was on the bed naked with Tejas on me and instead of keeping my legs straight on the bed, I had to raise my legs up, almost like Yoga.

Nah, don’t worry it wasn’t that hard.

My legs were literally in the air while Tejas secured his position between my legs…close to my vagina.

Once he was there, I could rest my legs more specifically my ankles on his shoulders.

The post said this position would be more intimate, and I could already feel the closeness.

Tejas smoothly penetrated like he always does and I could feel his penis go deep inside me to say Hi to my G-spot.

The post also gave a quick hack you can couple with this sex position and it was clever as fuck.

I took no time and crossed my legs beyond his head. Doing this is said to give a nice squeeze to his penis inside me.

The moment I did it, guess what happened?

One thrust in that cross-legged position and he let out a deep moan.

Something I love to hear over and over again.

So go ahead and try out this naughty sex position and let us know if you were “hooked”.

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