Why you should NOT use Home Available Products as Sex Toys!

Natasha Jun 29 2016 at 10:50 AM

One does not openly and freely discuss sex toys in India. Thus, creating huge loss in sexual wellness in India for ever individual. In fact, till recently one could not buy sex toys in India. However, with new emerging sites like ThatsPersonal.com, one has easy access to sex toys online in India. Before the advent of these online sex stores one used common household products as sex toys.

Anything resembling a penis can be used for penetration purposes. Cucumber, carrot, banana, zucchini, radish are used as sex toys in India. Women tend to use them as dildos. However, despite their low cost and easy access they do not come without hazards. Bananas are soft and have the tendency to break inside the vagina. Cucumbers pose a similar hazard if used with force. Most women use these fruits or vegetables directly without washing them and covering them with a condom. The skin of non-organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides and may cause allergic reactions. That can lead to infections in the vagina or anus. The vagina is a sensitive area with its own delicate pH. Sugary substances placed directly deep inside the vagina increase the chance of developing a yeast infection or bacterial infection. Food items are not recommended for anal insertion in general. Once a lubed cucumber disappears up your butt, it can be difficult to get out.
To avoid this, one can now also buy dildos online in India.

Some men use pens, pencils, chopsticks as sex toys in India. They derive pleasure from inserting long thin objects into their urethra. This is dangerous as pointed sharp items can result in perforations and tissue damage on insertion. Also urinary infections can occur.

Wooden items like bat handles, mop handles, hair brush handles and wooden spoons are often inserted in the anus or rectum. The polish or varnish of these items can chip off or rub off, exposing the skin to the raw wood underneath. This can lead to infections of the private areas.

Bicycle pump nozzles are often inserted up the rectum or vagina. Blowing air into these parts can cause air bubbles to form in the blood stream which can prove disastrously fatal. Also, the colon can be blown away by the force of the air.

Heated ointments like BenGay or Voveron are applied on genitals while masturbation to warm the area and create a tingling sensation. The pleasurable sensation slowly changes to a burning one resulting in severe rash and agony. Stay away from these for sure! Some use shampoos as lubes too and that can give severe genital irritation.

Bottles, light bulbs, deodorant bottles are some other common household items used as sex toys in India. Bottles containing chemicals or perfumes can leak and lead to severe genital rash. Also, glass can break inside and that can surely be very painful and embarrassing. Women often use an electric toothbrush on their clitoris to experience orgasms. If they use one that they’ve already used to brush their teeth they stand a chance of catching a bacterial infection real quick.

Sticking your penis into a bottle mouth can get stuck too leading to great embarrassment. Some men try to masturbate by inserting their penis in the vacuum cleaner nozzle while it is switched on in anticipation of a suck job. The pressure is so great that it can actually skin the cock or get sucked into the fan blades of the vaccum. Vaccums are associated with dirt so one stands high chance of contracting infection as well as being electrocuted.

The household items though cheap and readily available can prove disastrous and embarrassing when used for masturbation. Sex toys in India are now readily available online with options of discreet packaging to avoid embarrassment. So play safe by avoiding household products and don’t feel embarrassed to use sex toys that are specifically made for pleasuring yourself!

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