How to use XXL cream?

Natasha May 29 2019 at 10:08 AM

People often face certain insecurities about themselves. It is observed that women suffer body insecurities the most. However, men too are observed with some of the most serious body insecurities. They already suffer so much pressure. That only adds to their tension. One such tension is tension of not being able to satisfy their partner during sex. Majorly it happens due to ED or any other sexual disorder. There is another major cause of less confidence in men i.e. shorter length of penis. This is one of the most common problems men are struggling with.

There are various methods available for enlarging the size of penis today. Surgeries are painful but an effective way for increasing the size of penis. However, it is a costly method and not everyone can afford it. There are other less painful methods available too. They are penis pumps and other penial traction devices. However, they are not permanent solution to the problem. They increase the girth and length of penis for a sustainable time for sex. After that, the penis recedes back to its original state.

With the invention of enlargement creams, the entire market of penis enlargement has been revolutionized. There have been several reports and evidence that has proved XXL creams’ credibility and ability to increase the penis size. Penis pumps and penial traction devices are often avoided because they can harm your sch-long some time or the other and there is a greater chance of injury while one uses them.

Now certain XXL creams are also called erection creams because they improve penis erection. They also increase stimulation of blood for increasing feelings while sex. It can also increase the time for climax and make your partner demand for more. All of this is improved by improving the blood circulation. On regular application, the size of penis increases appreciably due to penetrating action quality of the cream.

The XXL creams need to be applied to a particular area for improving the size of one’s penis. Today there are in-numerous brands available in the market that claim to increase the size substantially. However very little of such brands prove their claim!

There are certain ingredients that need to be avoided while one chooses a suitable XXL cream. One should remember that the dietary supplements are not under the monitoring of Indian government. Therefore, the manufacturers add any desirable adulterant to the cream that can be harmful for your skin. The non-regulation of ingredients in supplements and creams is taking a toll on various people’s health.

They can be additionally harmful to the penis structure. There have been many ingredients found in certain from-the-shop materials that cause unwelcome itchiness, dryness and result in other possible problems.

Remember you should not use any duplicate or a copy of XXL cream. Such XXL creams might contain:

1. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA):

Now you must know that DHEA needs to be naturally present in our body. However, over-consumption of DHEA increases the chances of cancer. It might lower good cholesterol level and affect the psychological state of the man.

2. Pregnanolone:

In case of Pregnanolone, there are no proofs to support its contribution in penis enlargement. Moreover, it is reported to have a negative effect on people’s psychological state. Therefore, any XXL cream containing Pregnanolone must not be used.

3. Catuaba bark extract:

Now this extract is used in certain nursing medicinal drugs and is shown to assist certain medicines too. However, there are no proofs about its effect on penis enlargement.

4. Hawthorn berry:

Hawthorn berry is used in treating certain heart ailments. But there is no scientific proof that it can enlarge one’s penis. In case the berry is taken in large amounts, it can cause nausea and might cause dangerous side-effects with other medicines.

One must remember however that certain ingredients might not enlarge your penis but might increase your stamina for a great sex. Therefore, they can be good for an erection cream but not for an enlargement cream.

Let’s see the steps on how to use the XXL cream for first time:

1. Don’t forget to get your hands on the original XXL cream and not any duplicate item. This will not do any good but can be harmful for your penis and skin.

2. After you get the cream, rub approximately a gram of the enlargement cream on to the penis. Avoid applying the cream to the tip of penis.

3. Any case of foul play, rashes, irritation is expected to occur within 24 hours of application. Customer must wait for this much time. If there is no redness, swelling or irritation, the cream is safe to use and can be used elsewhere.

4. In case the customer clears the skin test, he should stick to the application direction given on the bottle strictly. Try to apply maximum amount because the bottle told you so, not at your own discretion. Remember again, the cream must not be applied near the urinary hole. You can also apply the cream as per your doctor suggested.

5. Massage with the cream every day after you take bath and allow the cream to be absorbed in the surface for minimum of 2 minutes.
Remember this is also an erection cream. However, it must not be used during sexual intercourse. And if you plan to use it as a lubricant, you must ask your partner for consent. If your partner is comfortable with use of cream, it will not hamper your sexual experience.

6. Your average use of 50 mL bottle must last you 40 servings.

While applying XXL creams, one must remember that, such enlargement creams are made mostly out of ayurvedic herbs and medicines. Therefore, there is little or no chance of any kind of side effect. However, it might take some time to show results, but they will be evident.

If the XXL cream is used continuously for two months, it has been reported that it will enlarge the penis length by 3 inches. It might be possible that your partner achieves extra pleasure while sex if it is used during the activity.

Various herbs that are used in XXL cream are
1. Withania Somnifera

2. Centaureabehmen

3. Asparagous Recemosus

4. Caryophyllus Aromaticus

5. Long pepper

With all this you know the basics about XXL cream. You must consult your partner before you buy any sort of erection creams from the market. Remember to have sex within one hour of application of XXL cream and apply the cream 15 minutes prior to sex. The enlargement cream is best suited for people who are above 30 years of age. Women don’t have any qualms with type of penis they are getting for sex. However, most of them like to be penetrated deeper and that’s when the length of penis comes into play. On repeated use the penis will appear bigger and better. Plus, most of the creams are tested to be safe on skin.



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