Sex Toys You Must Try This Valentine’s Day

Natasha Feb 10 2017 at 12:05 PM

Are you excited for Valentine’s day? do you have a plan for what to do on Valentine’s day? or you are still looking for last minute sexy Valentine’s day gifts? Worry no more, we have crafted cherry picked best sex toys you must try this Valentine’s day. Everyone wants to spend a romantic date on Valentine’s day however, there are some who wish to take it up a notch. We all know Valentine night is an unofficial sex night worldwide. Everybody wants to do something special for their loved ones on Valentine’s day.

We have selected perfect sex toys for Valentine’s day that promises to keep the heat up in the bedroom this Valentine’s day or any other day, no matter what your style is. Whether you are spending this Valentine’s day with someone or going solo, all your bases covered.

Naughty Valentine’s Day For Singles-

Are you single and wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are the best Valentine’s day sex toys-

For him-

Hot Octopuss Premium PULSE II SOLO Guybrator allows a man to go from flaccid to ejaculating in a minute. It is a multi-award winning male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man. This is PULSE’s primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it. This male sex toy has been created exclusively for solo play.

Valentine Sex Toy for him

For her-

Womanizer Pro40 Waterproof Compact. This female vibrator creates a soft suction pulling the blood flow to the sweet spot and, combined with vibrations, has been a real winner. A recent study on this sex toy found that 100 percent of perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women with an orgasmic disorder (aka not being able to orgasm, according to the National Institutes of Health) who tried the toy were able to experience an orgasm. Yep, 100 percent.

Sex toy for her

Valentine’s Day Toys For Couples-

Couples who enjoy intimacy and wants to add little kinkiness on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the hottest sex toys for Valentine’s day that will transform your Valentine date into the sexiest night ever. Here are best Valentine’s day sex toys-

1. Kissable Oil- Shunga Premium Chocolate Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac

Best product to use during foreplay. Shunga Premium Chocolate Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac is a warming & edible body oil with natural flavors. Take a few drops of intimate Kissable Aphrodisiac Oil, and give a tender caressing massage to your partner. Softly blow on the erogenous zones of your lover’s body after the massage to activate the product’s warming properties. Follow it with little intimate kisses, and take your partner to next level of passion. You both can massage each other to increase the heat. Let your partner quiver with your sensual touch.

Kissable Oil

2. Oral Pleasure- Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss

Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is a fun lip gloss where you experience joys of giving or receiving the divine sensation of oral pleasure. This gloss intensifies oral pleasure, increases sensitivity to the intimate areas. It’s 3-in-1 warming, cooling and tingling effect adds to the pleasure of oral sex. Its amazing taste of strawberries and champagne adds to its pleasure quotient.

Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

3. Edible Lingerie

Edible lingerie is fun and sexy at the same time. Edible lingerie is a multi-colored candy intimate underwear which fits all sizes. Your partner can lick and eat your underwear while softly giving the tingling tough on your intimate body parts. You can find edible lingerie for men and women also. Redefine the word sweet tooth

Edible Lingerie Valentine

4. Adult Games- Kheper Games Rose Petal Seductions

Adult games are fun sex games which offer hilarious challenges along with arousing and wild conversations leading to the immense sexual excitement. Kheper Games Rose Petal Seductions has over 100 reusable rose petals with different words printed on them. What is more, it also has five blank petals with transfer paper and a pen to write your own. It’s so fun to play this game you start by picking through the petals and create your own romantic touch for maximum pleasure. Of course, if you have lots of romance time, you can spread all the petals and spend a dream night with your partner. Set your trail lovingly – so that your lover’s excitement increases as he/she discovers the petals. If your innermost desires are not written on the petals, you can write them on the five blank ones.

Adult Card Games Valentines Day

5. Vibrator- We-Vibe Classic

We will not confuse you with many vibrator options, just choose this sex toy for your Valentine night and enjoy the electrifying sex. The We-Vibe Classic is one of the most popular couples toys we have. It is worn during intercourse, it can be shaped to your preference and pushes up against the G-spot for her and sends vibrations down his shaft as well. Download the free app, and you can use it as a fun remote panty vibe without limitations in distance — your partner can be in Australia and still reach out and give you a thrill!

Vibrator Valentine's day

6. Performance Enhancer- Shunga Dragon Performance Cream For HIM & Arousal Cream for HER

This product helps men unleash all the power and energy from their manhood while sensitizing the female genital area to intensify her pleasure and help her reach multiple orgasms. To use this product apply Shunga Dragon cream on penis shaft prior to sexual intercourse. This works best when you get the sensation of “fire and ice”. While it makes men’s orgasm more powerful, it leads women to multiple orgasms as it sensitizes the vagina in the course of lovemaking.

Performance Enhancer Valentine

7. Sex Toy For Beginners- DND Premium Vibrating Pleasure Ring

If you are trying a sex toy for the first time then we recommend using a pleasure ring. Pleasure ring is a vibrating ring worn by the man that gives a stronger, harder and longer lasting erection along with vibrating stimulations to the women. DND Premium Pleasure Ring is waterproof & reusable, it has a single powerful motor that provides feel good vibrations. You must try this sex toy if you wish to try a sex toy.

Sex toys for Valentines Day

8. For Advanced Couples- Fifty Shades of Grey Premium Hard Limits Restraint Kit

If you are little kinky and you know it then let your fantasy be the reality with kinky items. We recommend using Fifty Shades of Grey Restraint Kit. If you are submissive or you are dominant and you want your partner to try on bondage this is the perfect kit for bondage. This kit fits on any bed size may it be single, double or king size bed. This kit folds down for travel and adventurous weekends away with your lover

Sex Toys For Advanced Couples

Valentine’s Day is the most special day in every couple’s lives. Make the most of it with sexy valentines day gifts from ThatsPersonal. Share this article and spread the love, let everyone know how you are going to celebrate your Valentine’s day. Wish you a happy Valentine’s day from ThatsPersonal.


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