#CoupleStory – This Valentine’s day walk towards humanity

Aleena Jan 10 2018 at 8:58 AM

All of us are pleasantly aware and wait for this magnificent and crazy day to arrive. From teenagers to married couples, all wait anxiously for this day to show their partner just how special he or she is.

Celebrated all over the world, yet not declared a Public Holiday.

This day brings smiles and joy to a million people and more. This day isn’t just for couples to celebrate as seen by many, It’s a day of “Love.” Love in any state, Love has no boundaries and no form. Even buying a sandwich for a kid on the street who’s hungry can be a sign of concern and human love.

This year on Valentine’s day, Thatspersonal.com brings you a true story of affection and love of a couple who helped a young boy who was lost in the middle of the night.

My name is Mithul Khanna, a 24 year old guy who is in a beautiful relationship with the girl of my dreams.I was struggling to figure out what to do for my girl this valentine’s day. I googled excessively but found nothing fascinating. I tried online shopping as well but again nothing caught my attention. I knew material things never fascinated my girl, it was always about “efforts” for her. So online shopping turned out to be a bummer. Days went by and Valentine’s day started nearing, so I finally decided on 13th Feb 2017, to go to my kitchen and bake something. As I had never entered a kitchen in my entire life, I thought why not try something different and something that my girl wouldn’t expect me to do. I called up a friend of mine whose name was Victor. We would fondly call him vicky-chef. He was quick to help and sent me a chocolate brownie recipe. I noted it down but suddenly realized that I didn’t have any of the ingredients except eggs. I got on my bike and went to the supermarket and picked up the stuff all the while dreaming about the expression on my girl’s face.

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I returned back and got to my work. Since I didn’t have an apron, I tied a towel around my waist and started my journey of making a Chocolate Brownie. Finally after 2 hours of continuous hard work and observation of the temperature and baking rules, I managed to make a decent looking chocolate brownie. I then started decorating the whole house with balloons and flowers. Luckily my parents had gone out of town for a wedding and I had the whole house to myself. At 11:35 pm I buzzed my angel and asked her to be ready in 15 minutes to pick her up. I got dressed too and rode off to get my girl. I reached her place in 10 minutes and waited for another 10 minutes. (Girls you see). She came dressing really casual without any hint of what is in store for her. I took on the chance and kissed her on her lips and wished her HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. I wanted to go beyond kissing, but you know, couldn’t. *Lots of admirers in the neighborhood*

We drove back and I asked my babe to close her eyes before taking her into the house. I opened the door and she was astonished and at the same time shocked. She kept walking in and saw a bowl full of brownies with a note saying “Made with love by your Boyfriend with his Non-Virgin Hands” Before I could even react, she ran to me and kissed me hard. I tried matching up with the pace of her kiss, but very gladly I couldn’t. After that mind-stopping smooch, we sat on the table and started munching the brownies with appy fizz. Yeah yeah I know what an unusual combination. The park next to my place was decorated for the special occasion. We started walking towards the park, she kept tightening her grip on my hand with the excitement. Just as we were nearing our spot, I noticed a little boy, aged between five to six years, sitting all alone by himself. I turned to my girl and told her to look. We both found it weird what a young boy is doing all alone this time of the night. He looked scared and we couldn’t see him like that. We decided to go to the boy and ask him what was he doing there.

Valentine's day couple, valentine day story, valentine day. valentine's day

We took a brownie and went down to the park. We went up to the boy and asked him what his name was. To which, he replied “Sonu Singh.” We asked him what he was doing all alone and offered him a brownie. With tears in his eyes he ate the brownie and was telling us how he got drifted away from his brother after watching a movie. We took him inside the house. My girlfriend made a cup of coffee for little sonu. We wanted to find his brother and his family asap. As even they would be worried sick. We asked him what his brother was doing and stuffed him with brownies and Good Day Biscuits that were lying around in the kitchen tins. At this point, he was very comfortable with us and even complied in helping us find his brother. We got to know that his brother studies in the same college where Victor is does. I quickly called up Victor and asked him whether he knows this guy named “Pranshu Singh”. Victor said there’s no one with the name Pranshu in his batch. Although he might have to check other classes.

To our good luck, Victor responded back in an hour with the news of Pranshu Singh being in one of his junior batches.I seized his number and called him right away. Pranshu’s voice was trembling initially, but once he knew that Sonu was safe and with us. He was a little stable and said that he would be coming immediately.

Me and my girl felt thrilled and you know that we did something Saint Valentine would do as a gesture of love and affection. For the next twenty to twenty five minutes, we and Sonu had a lot of masti and clicked a hell lot of pictures. We had a great night.

Who knew that nights could be great without having sex as well ha ?

Pranshu and his parents arrived and they were grateful to us that we took Sonu in and invited us for lunch the next day. In the end we made some new friends and the brownies did the work of impressing my chic which led to an amazing make out session in the morning at 3 am.

This valentines, don’t just spend it with your partner. But do something valuable, even a little gesture of love and affection could make this Valentine’s Day special and spectacular. Here’s Thatspersonal.com wishing you an affectionate Valentine’s day!!!

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