Vibrating Penis Rings Vs Non Vibrating Penis Rings

Aleena Nov 14 2018 at 8:41 AM

Which penis ring to buy?

When you explore our penis rings page, you will see two categories-

Vibrating ring and just rings which is actually non-vibrating rings. (Although not defined, but when you look through each product…you will see some have “vibrating” in their names and some don’t).

So let’s get to the point-

What are rings in general?

Penis rings, erection rings, cock rings, pleasure rings no matter what you call it, they are the same.

Basically, penis rings are for 4 things-

  • Harder Erections.
  • Better “staying” power in bed.
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Pleasure.

It’s truly a mind blow how a small, simple ring that is shaped like a donut, can do so much.

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But well these do.

Good amount of blood in the penis is the key requirement for a good erection and healthier penis.

But what happens is…….

Due to bad blood circulation in the body, bad habits like smoking and alcohol, blood does got get collected in the penis but flows back into the body.

When you wear a penis ring, the ring stops the blood inside the penis. And does not make it flow back into the body giving you harder erection that lasts long.

That was all about the penis ring.

Now coming to the



Non-vibrating penis ring.

1. Vibrating penis rings-

In simple words, vibrating rings have an additional feature than the non-vibrating one.

And that additional is an amazing one….for your partner.

It is a small bullet vibrator at the top of the ring that gives out vibrations to the woman during sex!

Isn’t it so exciting? Vibrating penis rings can be used as a couple’s sex toy during sex.

The entire ring vibrates along with the small bullet at the top of the ring.


Confused how to wear it during sex?

Similar to simple cock rings, vibrating cock rings will also go all the way down to a man’s penis and the bullet vibrator will stay up.

When the man inserts his penis inside the vagina, the vibrator that is there will rest on the outside of her vagina, on the clitoris.

So while she’s receiving hard thrusts from the penis, she is also receiving powerful vibrations from the vibrator. This doubles up her pleasure during sex.

The man gets harder erections and the women get vibrating pleasure! It’s a complete win-win for both of them.

Don’t freak out thinking it will be too difficult to get your hands on, vibrating cock rings are extremely affordable as well. Grab good quality international ones here.

Now coming back to the one we left far behind……ooops I mean far up,

2. Non-vibrating penis rings-

These rings are simple, rubbery rings that are worn on the penis to trap blood flow and give a much stronger and long-lasting erection.

Sounds good?

Shop for rock, hard penis rings here.


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