Vibrators in India – 69 interesting things you are gonna LOVE!

Aleena Aug 6 2018 at 1:16 PM

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

1.Indian women do masturbate. Period.

2.Vibrators do not replace men.

3.Vibrators are not gonna cause electric shock.

4.Women using vibrators do not have loose character. Period.

5.Non-obscene and decent-looking vibrators or dildos are absolutely “legal” in India.

6.Men buy vibrators for women in India.

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7.There are external vibrators that don’t cause you to lose your virginity.

8.Vibrators are completely “SAFE” to use as long as you stick to high-quality vibrators. There’s no harm to skin or health whatsoever.

9.Vibrators are great for overall sexual health.

10.Vibrators are “NOT” for lonely women only.

11.Only about 64% of women reach an orgasm. Vibrators help a women reach her perfect climax.

12.Increased usage of vibrators in India is a “reality”.

13.Vibrators are NOT addictive when used in moderation.

14. There is nothing wrong with a woman who uses vibrator to reach an orgasm.

15.Vibrators help women experience a full range of sexual sensations that they never thought were a reality.

16.India is slowly moving on and evolving out of sexual taboos. Wide acceptance of vibrators for women being one of them.

17.Female vibrator industry in India is literally exploding.

18.Vibrators are reported to improve a woman’s sex life.

19.Vibrators top the list of being the most popular sex toys for women in India.

20.Vibrators can be used personally or with a partner as well.

21.Vibrators are meant for extremely personal desires and fantasies.

22.When a woman uses a vibrator, it DOES NOT mean that her man is any less or incapable.

23.Vibrators increases blood flow to the vagina and increases sensitivity.

24.Vibrators in India are available in a ton of shapes, sizes, colors and texture.

25.There exist both battery-operated and USB rechargeable vibrators.

26.Using vibrators, do not “seal” your vagina. In Fact it makes it flexible for smoother sex.

27.Women in relationship can still use a vibrator.

28.Vibrator does not negatively impact mental process.

29.Using a vibrator is just as healthy as sex itself.

30.Vibrators give explosive orgasms. Period.

31.Vibrators improve the level of sexual arousal in women.

32.There is NO law in India that specifically state that sale of vibrators are illegal in India. Unless of course the vibrator is not vulgar in nature.

33.Vibrators CANNOT cuddle, surprise or love a woman. They STILL need men for that. So men need to take a chill pill over vibrators taking their place.

34.Using a vibrator does not mean women are losing their virginity.

35.Vibrators are perfect for both beginners and advanced sexual enthusiasts.

36.You will still be able to orgasm the “normal” way after using a vibrator.

37.There is a sense of liberation and freedom in using a vibrator as a woman.

38.Vibrators in India are no longer sold in dark, unsafe alleys. Now anyone can easily buy vibrators online in India from reputed brands.

39.Women who use vibrators are much more comfortable with their bodies.

40.Vibrators do not set any unrealistic expectations in women.

41.Vibrators do not desensitize clitoris or any other pleasure spot.

42.Women do not and will not choose vibrators over their partner.

43.Before using a vibrator, try to arouse yourself with an erotica or porn.

44.Every woman should own a vibrator at least once in her life.

45.There are vibrators designed for couples- even for couples in a long-distance relationship.

46.There are vibrators with remote control to change the vibration settings.

47.There are vibrators that are compatible with an app in the playstore. That means, an app can be used to choose the frequency of the vibrations.

48.Women who use vibrators have lower stress levels and fewer headaches than women who don’t.

49.The types of vibrators that are available in India are- Bullet vibrators, G-spot vibrators, Clitoral vibrators, Discreet vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Couple Vibrators and Vibrating wands.

50.Vibrators create much more intense sensation than a penis, finger or mouth.

51.Vibrators are a must-have for women who have never orgasmed in their entire lives.

52.If you have never purchased a vibrator before, do not get lured by the vibrators with “cheap” prices.

53.Vibrators does not spoil regular sex.

54.If you live with many nosey people, go for a vibrator with a super-quiet motor.

55.Bullet vibrators are small, bullet shaped vibrators that can be used both on the clitoris as well as inside the vagina. It usually has a single vibration mode but yet works powerfully.

56.G-spot vibrators are simply vibrators that are designed to target a woman’s G-spot. Which is the hottest pleasure spot in a woman’s vagina.

57.Clitoral vibrators are designed to pleasure a woman’s love button, in other words the clitoris.

58.Discreet vibrators are vibrators that look like something else, for example a lipstick or a mascara. They are perfect if you are a private person and want to keep your pleasure sessions private.

59.Rabbit/ Bunny vibrators has two arms for pleasure compared to other vibrators which has just one. Two arms simultaneously provide vibrations to G-spot and clitoris at the same time.

60.Couple vibrators are to be used during intercourse by a couple and they provide vibrations to both a woman’s vagina and a man’s penis, at the same time.

61.The first thing to ask yourself before buying a vibrator is what area you wish to target- Internal G-spot or External Clitoris or both at the same time.

62.Look for thoughtful design, powerful motor and body-safe materials.

63.Women who use vibrators have healthier sex life.

64.After watching Veere Di Wedding & Lust Stories, Indians started searching more for “Sex toys”, “Sex toys in India” , “Sex toys for women” and “Female sex toys in India” in the Google search engine.

65.Vibrator sales in India shot up to 57% in the month of June 2018 due to the release of the movies Veere Di Wedding & Lust Stories.

66.This one is hard to believe but is a logical truth. Many women are suckers for clitoral stimulation. They won’t reach an orgasm unless their clitoris is vigorously stimulated and this is where female vibrators come in. There are SO MANY different types of clitoral vibrators that satisfy a woman’s clitoris in each and every way.

67.Different vibration modes in any vibrator goes something like high constant,medium constant,low constant,pulse dash dash dash fast,fast pulse-like oscillations,fastest oscillation, smoother pulses.

68.Vibrators help keep a woman’s desire for sex going strong.

69.And lastly, Life is too short to not let a vibrator give you back-arching, spine-tingling, body-rocking, thigh-quivering orgasms.


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