#WeAsked-Husbands, are you okay with your wife using sex toys when you are not around?

Aleena Nov 3 2018 at 11:19 AM

All of us need to experience pleasure.

It’s a basic instinct. Even as a child, candies, chocolates, toys etc satisfied us and gave us pleasure at that point in time.

Even now though some people are married and want to experience extreme heights pleasure tends to use sex toys. Sex toys are designed to give every individual that “little extra pleasure”

The article we bring to you today isn’t about sex toys. It’s a little more personal than that.

Most of the husbands fail to satisfy their wives in return and this leaves their wives unsatisfied which in turn leaves them no other choice to use the pleasurable toys.

On the other hand, some wives tend to use the toys as they say old habits die hard. Whether their husbands satisfy them or not, women today prefer to use it one way or the other.

We have interviewed 5 such husbands asking them whether they are okay with their wives using such products with or without them. Here are the confessions…

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