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8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)


Anal products can be categorized into anal sex toys, anal lubricants, and creams. These products help you to experience anal pleasure. One can simply use an anal sex toy for solo sessions or use it with their partner.


It is often seen that couples tend to avoid anal sex. They think that it is painful and may avoid having a conversation about it with their partners. Also, some couples feel shy at the idea of having anal sex. If anal sex is on your mind and wants to prepare for it, anal products are here to help. They will not only help up to spice up the bedroom fun but let you and your partner experience great anal fun. Invest in anal sex toys such as dildos or anal beads and seek the pleasure you have always dreamt of. Remember to apply anal-based lubricant so that you and your partner can have pain-free anal sex.


Anal products consist of anal sex toys and creams. They include dildos, anal beads, vibrators and anal creams. Sex toys like dildos, anal beads and vibrators provide intense stimulation to the anus. They are explained below -

Anal beads

If you are a beginner, you can consider anal beads or butt plugs. Anal beads can be inserted inside the anus. They start off with small beads, gradually increasing in size. They provide intense stimulation and maximum pleasure when used for solo sessions or with a partner.

Anal dildos

Dildos are artificial sex toys that look like a penis. Their shape and texture are similar to a penis and women can use them for vaginal or anal penetration. They are an ideal companion to women as it can be used for solo play or with a partner. Dildos will help to make your boring sex routines more exciting and fun.

Anal vibrators

Vibrators are sex toys that provide intense sensations and extreme orgasms. They can be used for anal pleasure as well, as some vibrators are small in size and can be used for anal fun. One can use discreet vibrators for anal penetration. Discreet vibrators have multiple speed patterns for intense pleasure.

Anal creams

Anal creams help to relax the anus and make anal sex easier and more enjoyable. They can be applied to the anus before sex and to your partner’s penis or to your favourite anal sex toy. Apply an appropriate amount of anal cream and experience best anal pleasure.

Anal bleaching creams

These creams are specially designed to lighten dark skin around the anus. They are made with the best formula and body safe materials. One can use this cream which is effective at lightening the appearance of dark, intimate areas.


You can learn to use anal products properly depending on the type of anal sex toy you have. It is advisable to use anal-sex lubricant for anal sex toys, which will ensure smooth penetration in the anus. Below are steps to use anal sex toys -


  1. Ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed on the bed
  2. Warm yourself up by some physical stimulation/masturbation
  3. Ensure you use lubricant on the dildo and in and around your anus
  4. Insert the dildo slowly inside the anus
  5. Try to get a sensation similar to thrusting, keep pushing and pulling in different levels
  6. Experience maximum anal pleasure
  7. Clean the dildos after every use to maintain hygiene


  1. Make sure that you are comfortable and try to warm up yourself by creating an amazing atmosphere or by some masturbation
  2. Apply some good amount of lubrication on the beads and in and around your anus
  3. When you are a bit aroused, insert the beads, slowly and gradually
  4. Keep it intact throughout the whole intercourse session and to experience an amazing orgasm, pull the finger loop just before you are done
  5. Clean the beads after every use to maintain hygiene


  1. A vibrator can be used for anal fun
  2. Apply lubricant on the vibrator and in and around your anus
  3. Gently, insert the vibrator inside the anus
  4. Turn on the vibration modes for extra pleasure
  5. Experience intense anal orgasm
  6. Clean the vibrator after every use to maintain hygiene


  1. Hold the cream and gently open the cover
  2. Take little amount cream on your index finger
  3. Apply it on to the anal area and inside, massage it
  4. Make sure that you wipe off extra cream with a clean cloth or warm water


  1. Hold the cream and gently open the cover
  2. Take little amount cream on your index finger
  3. Apply it on to the anal area, massage and let it be absorbed
  4. Use twice a day in the morning and evening over a period of 14 days
  5. Avoid any sexual activity for 3 to 5 days after applying the bleaching cream


Anal sex toys are effectively used with anal-based sex lubricants. Anal sex lubricants are specially designed for the anal area. Unlike the vagina which is self-lubricating, one would opt for an anal lubricant that will last and not dry up or become sticky. Anal lubes are different than other lubricants and are slightly thicker and more durable. Adding the right anal lube can help one get pleasurable anal experience.


Buying your favorite anal products is now easy, by logging on to ThatPersonal.com, your ultimate stop for all your sex toys. We have many anal sex toys and products that can help to satisfy your sexual desires.

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