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Chastity Belt & Cage


What is a Chastity Belt?

As the name suggests, a chastity belt helps to maintain your chastity. It keeps you pure from unadulterated sexual activities by preventing sexual intercourse or even masturbation for the person wearing it.
Chastity belts owe their existence to the medieval period. The soldiers/male members of the household used to go on long-distance trips for war or business. It is natural for such males to worry about the women they leave behind in their homes. They do not like any harm to come to them. At the same time, they would also not like them to be sexually active with other men. It can sound conservative, but that is the way society works, isn't it?
In today’s times, chastity belts serve a dual purpose. They protect women as well as men from sexual abuse while bringing in a new dimension of enjoyment when used in a particular manner.

Different types of Chastity Belts and Cages

Depending on who is using the chastity belt, there are different types of belts available in the market.

  • Chastity Belts for Women - The elementary chastity belt for females is a metal belt and a band of fabric made from high-quality genuine leather. This band passes between the legs of the woman and protects her genitals. At the same time, it has dedicated holes to allow for urination and defecation.
  • Chastity Belts for Men - The classic male chastity belt is similar to the belt for women but has an additional penis tube to lock the male organ from masturbating or indulging in sex. It does not hinder the urination process.
  • Ladies Chastity Belt Set - The ladies chastity belt comes in two sets. The first set is similar to the belts described above. This belt, made from high-quality genuine leather comes with a jelly anal plug that shuts down the back door to deliver a feeling of being under your partner's control. This belt comes in fascinating colors like black, blue, and red. It paves the way for the best bondage sex sessions you can ever imagine to have with your partner.
    There is an option to have complete bondage set that cages or handcuffs you to the bed while allowing the dominant partner to play around with your body. He can proceed to kiss, caress, and fondle you in every manner while stimulating the feeling of sex in you. This belt ensures that you are at the complete mercy of your partner. He will decide when to unlock you so that you get to experience complete freedom thereafter.
  • Steel Penis Chastity Device for Men - Men's chastity devices have another name, cock cages. This device is unique in the sense that it hinders the male's erection from gaining the optimum stance while arousing him sexually at the same time. This cage is like a birdcage with your penis locked inside it. It provides women to give full vent to their fantasies as they are the ones who are in charge. The male cannot touch his penis in any way. Thus, he will be entirely at your mercy because you hold the key to his pleasures.

Who can use Chastity belts and cages?

Both men and women can use chastity cages and chastity belts. It presents a fantastic way to exercise sexual restraint. It is an excellent sex tool whereby you can bring the spark and excitement back into the relationship. The chastity belts can also help strengthen broken and weak relationships. The chastity lock can help your partner remain secure from external, violent attacks like rape and sodomy as well while ensuring the loyalty towards you at the same time.

Why use chastity belts?

Chastity belts have multiple uses. The primary purpose of the belt in today's times is to bring in the element of excitement in a sexual relationship. It is an ideal BDSM toy that can help strengthen relationships between people.
Secondly, chastity belts help you to maintain your chastity for the person you love. It prevents you from being sexually active with other persons thereby preserving your loyalty towards your partner.
Chastity belts also help you to prevent rape attacks. There is no way a potential attacker can insert his penis forcibly without opening the chastity lock.

How to use chastity belts and cages?

Chastity belts come with a lock and key arrangement. You can use it by yourself by locking it whenever you feel the need. You have the key to open it anytime. At the same time, your partner can also fasten the chastity belt and keep the key with him/her. Under such circumstances, you cannot indulge in sexual activity without the knowledge of your partner because he/she needs to open the chastity lock.

Precautions to take

Chastity belts are entertaining sex toys to play with along with your partner. You should ensure to lock the device after fixing it. Remember not to lose the key because no one can open the lock without the key.

Where to buy Chastity belts and cages?

Chastity belts are available online at our website. We have an exciting range of chastity belts and cages on display. They are available at the most affordable rates. Ordering your chastity belts from our website is easy as you have excellent payment options. The COD option is the best one to ensure your privacy.

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