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Sex Toys for Lesbian


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What are sex toys for lesbians?

Lesbians are the female equivalent of gays. Now, lesbians are normal women who have standard sexual preferences. They also love to be in each other's company and enjoy a fruitful sexual relationship. India has a history of being a conservative nation where women do not readily display their sexual preferences. However, with the recent Supreme Court of India ruling on Article 377 has opened up this area a bit with gays becoming brave enough to show public affection. Lesbians are still wary of doing so.

Nevertheless, they too have sexual desires to fulfill. Hence, they do so in the privacy of the homes. An ideal way to derive sexual pleasure is the use of sex toys for lesbians.

Different types of sex toys for lesbians

Before discussing lesbian sex toys, let us look at the favorite sexual positions for lesbians. The term used for describing the sexual position in the act by lesbians is Butch and Femme. It is similar to the gay’s top and bottom positions.
The Butch acts as the male partner in the act whereas the Femme is the female counterpart. Lesbians love to exchange the Butch and Femme positions during their acts so that both of them fulfill their sexual fantasies. In doing so, they use these lesbian sex toys.

  • Double-ended Dildos

    The name suggests that this toy resembles the male penis at both ends. The advantage of using such toys is that both partners enjoy penetration at the same time. These double-ended dildos are available in realistic as well as non-realistic structures. It is possible for lesbians to have a vagina to vagina presentation, anal to anal penetration, and vagina to anal penetration using these sex toys for lesbians.
  • Strap-on dildos

    The strap-on dildos are the most common of all lesbian sex toys. It allows the Butch partner to wear the strap-on dildo and provide penetration to the Femme partner. It is similar to the sexual intercourse you have between couples. These dildos come in various sizes. The partners can choose them depending on their needs. These toys come with harness belts to ensure that they do not slip off during the act.
  • Finger and Tongue Vibrators

    In the ordinary course, lesbians use their fingers and tongues while indulging in caressing, kissing, or licking each other. However, the finger and tongue vibrators can magnify the enjoyment factor many times over. These toys come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Massagers

    Massaging each other's bodies is a widespread mode of sexual enjoyment. Massagers with multiple options are available to provide the highest level of satisfaction for lesbians. Both the partners can have a great time stimulating their erogenous zones like vagina, anus, clitoris, breasts, and nipples, and so on. Toys like the magic wand extensions allow the partners to have simultaneous penetration experiences.
  • Sex Lubes

    Sex toys are different from one’s fingers. Hence, it is better to use lubricants while playing with sex toys. It reduces the discomfort caused due to pain. The lubes are handy when you use these lesbian sex toys for masturbation as well.
  • Nipple Vibrator

    This toy is an ideal one for lesbian couples. It consists of a suction cup attached to the nipples. It is an excellent tool for foreplay because the vibration effect causes sexual arousal in both partners.

Who can use sex toys for lesbians?

Lesbians are women with unique sexual preferences. As the name suggests, lesbians can use these sex toys to derive extreme pleasure. Women not having lesbian choices can also use these toys for masturbation or sexual arousal.

Why use sex toys?

Lesbians are different from gays because of the preference to have slow sex. Gays, on the other hand, are men. Therefore, they prefer rapid sex acts. Lesbians love to make each other comfortable by caressing, kissing, and licking their private parts. The go for the final insertion act after sufficient arousal.

sex toys for lesbians are also useful for indulging in Vanilla sex. Lesbians do not usually go for deriving instant pleasure through insertion or penetration. They use their fingers and tongue to stimulate each other. A sexual act without penetration is Vanilla sex. These sex toys are ideal for such purposes.

These lesbian sex toys are excellent for penetration as well. You have the double-ended dildos to facilitate simultaneous penetration for both partners.

How to use sex toys?

One should use sex toys to stimulate your sexual organs and derive pleasure from the act. Vibrators can bring about sexual arousal, and hence, they are ideal for foreplay. Double-ended dildos are the best when the lesbians decide to go for a simultaneous vagina to vagina, anal to anal, or vagina to anal penetration. In the same way, the strap-on dildo is the perfect sex toy for the Butch and Femme partnership.

Precautions while using sex toys

Usually, you have sex toys made of rubber, latex, silicone, or elastomer. It is necessary to keep them clean to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it becomes essential to sterilize them before and after use. The ideal way to do so is to wash them with warm water and antiseptic soap.

Dry these toys entirely before you store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Children should not play around with such toys. They might injure themselves, especially with the vibrating sex toys.

Where to buy sex toys for lesbians?

In a country where lesbians are shy enough not to disclose their sexual preferences, one cannot expect them to walk into a physical store and purchase sex toys for lesbians off the shelf. The ideal way to buy sex toys is the online mode.

Our e-commerce web store has an excellent collection of lesbian sex toys. Selecting the appropriate toy from our store is easy. You have exciting payment options such as COD to ensure complete privacy.

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