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  • Female Massagers

    Our electronic female massagers are for sexual excitement and pleasure. Also called 'vibrators', you can pick from stiff or flexible varieties, and adjust their pulsation speeds. Hold one in your hand and run it over all parts of the body including the genital area for enjoying erotic stimulation. It can also be safely inserted inside. Differences in materials, textures, shapes, and sizes, add to the experience. You may want to close your eyes as you enjoy the rhythm of the massage stimulating the sensitive areas of your body and taking you to a higher level of sexual satisfaction and delight.

    We recommend using a lubricant for a smooth, wet experience, and to avoid friction or soreness. You can pick a ‘lube’ from our different varieties, depending on the type of massager you own.

    Most massagers are powered by batteries and are generally waterproof, which means that they are safe even if placed inside the mouth or when inserted between the legs while relaxing in a warm bathtub, or bathing under a hot shower. They can be used with your partner, or all by yourself. It's fun using them as they can help you reach a sexual climax without using your fingers. ThatsPersonal has a discreet delivery policy that ensures your anonymity while buying adult sex toys online from us. When you think about massagers, think about ThatsPersonal.

  • Which Massager Suits You

    Common massagers or vibrators for women are usually between 5 - 7 inches long, and 1 - 1.5 inches thick. Our massager collection offers you a large variety in size, colour, texture, material, and functions.

    Most massagers are bullet shaped or cylindrical, though the premium ones look like a real man’s organ. Some come in a special shape for stimulating two areas of the female body at the same time. We even have a discreet variety shaped like lipsticks, so that they can’t be instantly identified as massagers.

  • Powerful Massagers for Powerful Pleasure

    Vibrating massagers can run on batteries, or electricity. Massagers running on batteries are popular because they are convenient to use, don’t have any trailing wires, are low in cost, and have a wider range of options. Electric massagers are generally more expensive, last longer, and deliver more power. However, they are not waterproof.

  • Massager Control Mechanisms

    Massagers may have either of the following 4 control mechanisms:

    1. Rotating dial
    2. This dial, if turned in one direction, will start the vibration and increase its speed. If turned in the opposite direction, the vibration speed reduces.

    3. Push button
    4. Some massagers have a very basic on & off button near the battery compartment. The more advanced models will have a function to control the speed of vibration.

    5. Control panel
    6. Advanced massagers have a control panel that offers several functional features.

    7. Remote control function
    8. The newer models of massagers have a wireless remote and smartphone control mechanism that allow you the convenience of changing speeds or switching it on or off while it is still inserted inside you.

  • Types of Massagers

    ThatsPersonal offers a wide range of Massagers for adding extra pleasure into your sex life. Following are 3 different types of massagers offered by ThatsPersonal:

    1. Premium Massagers

    Tease your partner or play with yourself by using a Premium range of massagers. Premium Massagers have a speed control mechanism which lets you change the speed of the massager while it is inside you.

    2. Luxury Massagers

    Add more pleasure to your sex life by using Luxury Massagers made from the highest quality material.Luxury Massagers have various vibration modes for different levels of pleasure.

    3. Discreet Massagers

    Now women can confidently carry a massager anywhere without feeling embarrassed. Discreet Massagers come in the shape of a lipstick or fruit, which makes is disguised.

  • Are you confused about Massagers and Vibrators? Do you believe they both have the same functionality? Well, if you think so, the answer is no! The difference between them lies in their purpose. While massagers can be used throughout the body to relieve stress, pain and tiredness, vibrators are mostly used on sexually sensitive parts of the body to arouse sexual tension.

    Different types of massagers and vibrators are designed for both men and women to stimulate different parts of their body. We at That's Personal offer various types of Massagers and Vibrators like Joystick Micro-Set Premium Gyro Massager, Cock Rings, Oral Vibrators, Vibrating Finger Ring, Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator, Smart Wand Vibrator, Wearable Vibrator, Lipstick Massager, etc. to give you powerful orgasms.

    Creative ways of using Massagers and Vibrators:

    1. Some people find it difficult to handle the intense vibrations from massagers and vibrators. So, it’s better to use these sex toys on your partner slow and gradually build your way to a heavenly climax.
    2. Experiment different sex positions with your sex toys like standard missionary style, cowgirl, g-whiz, wheel barrow, rear entry, then move yourself in different ways and angle the toy differently.
    3. Slightly touch the head of the vibrator around the most sexually sensitive areas of your body, rather than directly applying them. The intense vibrations will ripple throught the sexually sensitive area and gradually build up the orgasm.
    4. Apply few dollops of lubricants to both your sweet spots and the head of the vibrators and then move the vibrator around the sensitive spots for a smooth and frictionless orgasm.
    5. Give your women a backward hug (spooning) and let her stimulate her vagina with a clitoral vibrator.
    6. You can strap on a finger tip vibrator and move it around your women’s vulva or clitoris after which you insert the finger tip vibrator into your women’s vagina for an out-of-the-world orgasm and watch her squirt all over the place.
    7. A smart wand vibrator can be used for foreplay, nipple stimulation, anal and vaginal insertion. Wand massagers are famous for delivering the strongest, most intense vibes! Whether you are in the mood for a sensual massage or the most incredible climax of your life, this body wand will bring you to an ecstasy you have never known.
    8. Tell your women to wear a sexy lingerie, light some candles, put on some sensual music, then engage in the sexual activity with your favorite vibrator to double the fun.


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