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Penis Enlargement Pumps


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Penis enlargement pump is male sex enhancement products that can help to enlarge the penis in both length and girth and also gain stronger and harder erections. These penis pumps have one aim i.e. to increase the penis size and deliver harder erection. Penish pumps are simple to use and are effective in penile augmentation. These devices work on the suction principle that helps in the overall increase in length and girth of a penis. The tube/cylinder is easily placed over the penis and suction is created by manual pumping or using an automatic pump.


Penis Pump is basically pumping the cylinder that fits over your penis.
They perform “suction” on your penis. Suction in simple terms is “something getting sucked”. So in that sense, your penis gets sucked inside this pump. This suction creates space inside your penis. The sucking motion and the newly created space makes room for a huge amount of blood to fill inside your penis.
This increased levels of collected blood enlarge your penis and the process helps it to grow in size and girth to its maximum capacity.
When penis pumps are used on the penis regularly and religiously, the same suction process is repeated everyday and your penis goes into a workout routine. And just like bodybuilding, the workout routine can permanently cause length and thickness growth.
Penis pumps make it easy for you and use the pressure in air or water to create suction inside the penis pump. There are both water and air pumps available in the market and the difference between the two is that compared to air, water gives a more powerful and constant suction.


In India, the average size of the erected penis is between 3-4 inches. The size of the penis matters a lot to your sex partner. So, men yearn for larger penis size and better erection. There are gamuts of penis enlargement products available in the market that claim to offer enlargement, but everything about them isn’t true. Some of these enlargement products are harmful. Furthermore, some of them do not produce the desired results. However, Penis Pumps is the best solution available that is totally safe for use and yields the desired result. These are also a great choice if one wants to help their erectile dysfunction or other issues.


All the pumps work on the suction principle which helps draw blood flow in the penis and has a long-lasting erection. They can be differentiated based on technology - Air and Water and based on feature - Manual and Automatic. One can choose a pump depending on your need and expected results.

  • Air-based pumps

    These pumps work on air-based technology to create vacuum on the penis for enlargement. It uses the pressure in air to create suction inside the penis pump and thus enlarging the penis.

  • Hydro or Water-based pumps

    These pumps work on water-based technology to create suction. They are designed to be used in/under water - shower or bathtub. Bathmate pumps are well-known in the market for their hydro pumps series.

  • Manual pumps

    These are mostly pumps with cylinder attached to a handball with a flexible hose. The hand bulb is pressed to create the vacuum by manual pumping inside the cylinder placed on the penis.

  • Automatic pumps

    Unlike the manual pump, these are automatic and do not require manual pumping. One can switch on-off using the buttons for proper suction levels.


It is important that once penish pumps are purchased, they are used and maintained properly. Taking care of the Enlargement penis pump will ensure longer life of the product. In general, below are the steps to use the same –

How to use a vacuum air-pump?

  1. Ensure each part is well connected
  2. It is advisable to shave the hair around the penis
  3. Use little lubrication before inserting the penis
  4. Gently pull the air pump trigger/bulb to create the vacuum
  5. For automatic pumps, the vacuum will be created using a suction button
  6. Observe the penis grow
  7. Do this exercise for 15 minutes every day with 2-3 intervals of 5 minutes each
  8. Clean the manual pump with water and automatic pump with a wet cloth to maintain hygiene

How to use a water-based Bathmate hydro penis pump?

  1. Relax in the shower for a few minutes
  2. Fill the hydro pump with water until full
  3. Put the penis into the pump
  4. Ensure that the testicles are outside the pump at this stage, If necessary, gently pull down on them to ensure they do not get sucked into the tubing
  5. Push the pump to the pubic bone. Water is removed from the valve. The process should be repeated for 5 minutes each for 3 times every day.
  6. Compress the main valve to release pressure when needed
  7. Safely off the pump and remove the penis

For more information, you can visit the Penis Enlargement Pumps Buyer’s Guide.


  • Grow your Penis in both length and thickness
  • Stronger and harder erections that reach deep inside the woman’s vagina
  • Helps to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and erection issues
  • Treats premature ejaculation (PE) and, one can last longer in bed by delayed ejaculation
  • Better sexual pleasure with increased length and harder erections
  • Increased self-confidence of having a bigger penis
  • Unlike medications and surgery that have side effects, penis pumps are a great alternative to medical treatment
  • Inexpensive than surgical treatments
  • They are simple and easy to use


One should invest in a pump which is durable and long-lasting as well. Here are some pointers to consider before buying a penis pump –

  1. Size

    While choosing the penis pump, it is advisable to pick one with a tube that is neither too big nor too small. If the cylinder is very big, then the pumping session will not be effective and if the cylinder is small, it will not allow expansion of the penis. For Air-based pumps, all pumps at ThatsPersonal are effective for Indian penis sizes. For Hydro penis pumps, please refer to the Bathmate Size Guide to select the right pump.

  2. Technology

    You can choose either Air-based or Water-based pumps. For effective results, you can always opt for Water-based or say Hydro pumps that used water for more powerful suction. But, at the same time, they are expensive as they are more result-oriented. For affordable budgets, you can experiment with air-based vacuum pumps which are also good for ED issues.

  3. Manual or Automatic pumps

    Manual pumps come with a bulb or trigger that needs to be pressed/pulled to create a vacuum inside the cylinder. There are a variety of manual pumps that one can choose from and these pumps are generally inexpensive.

    If you are looking for comfort, choose the automatic pumps. These pumps are easy to use and come with features that make your pumping sessions fun and pleasurable.

  4. Material

    Ensure that the penis pump you are buying is body-safe materials and completely easy to use. Manufactures clearly mention about the material type online which customers can refer to before buying.


Top Penis Enlargement Pump Brands

  1. Bathmate Hydro Penis Pumps

    Bathmate Originated in 2004, Bathmate has created a worldwide phenomenon as a truly premium brand name in the industry providing effective penis enlargement results. Bathmate is recognized as an esteemed global brand being the number one penile enhancement device.

  2. DND Vacuum Penis Pumps

    DND is a premium sexual wellness brand which intends to provide high-quality sexual health and wellness products. All DND products are stylishly designed and come in exquisite packaging.


ThatsPersonal is India’s leading sexual wellness store that offers a range of penis enlargement pumps for men online. Choose from our range of exclusive penis enlargement pumps without any fear, as we ensure 100% privacy delivery at your doorstep. Shop with us and give yourself the best erection you have ever dreamt of.


Penis Enlargement Pumps FAQs

Do vacuum pumps really work?

Yes, many studies suggest that vacuum pumps are really helpful to get a hard erection in men also increases in size & girth.

What is the best vacuum device for erectile dysfunction?

DND Hulk, DND Ultimate, DND Ultra, DND Macho & DND Pleasuribe is the best-recommended ed vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction.

Can a pump make your penis bigger?

Yes, dick pump help to get a bigger penis size & girth. If you follow a healthy lifestyle & all given instruction then in a given time from you can enlarge your size up to 2 inches.

Are penis pumps safe to use?

Yes, they are. Incase if you face any pain or discomfort during the exercise, we suggest to stop exercising and try later. If the issue persists, you can consult your doctor for further advise.

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