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About Penis Size & Enlargement

“Size does matter”.
And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. If penis size didn’t matter, why there are no 3 inches dildo? That’s something to ponder upon.
While you think of that, let us tell you how much penis size effects men across all ages and geographies. The keyword “How to increase penis size” still remains the most searched keyword in Google with more and more men joining the bandwagon.
Once you decide on taking the first step towards increasing your confidence in bed, you will find countless drugs, supplements, and recommendation of exercises in market that promise you a bigger hotter package but most of them don’t work the way you want it to because penis enlargement is a complicated process. It takes hard work and no magic pill can help you get there. No matter how much money you spend or how promising the website looks.

There’s an actual science behind penis enlargement and how does a penis actually grows. And here’s it-

Inside a penis’s shaft, there are 2 channels that run parallel to each other and meet at the head of the penis. They are known as “corpus cavernous”. These channels are formed spongy tissues and not bones as you might guess. And this is the place where the blood gets collected to give an erection when you are turned on.
After a man is turned on, blood runs to his penis and these two channels “hold” the blood inside them. The more blood they hold, the bulgier the penis look.
Different methods of penis enlargement focus on expanding these tissues so that they can hold more blood and grow in size. When this expanding and holding process is repeated constantly, men can achieve a significant increase in the length and thickness of the penis.
Now which method of penis enlargement does is safely and reliably, that’s the question. While penis exercises are a real pain and hard work, penis supplements have potentially dangerous side effects on the body like headache, hearing loss and potential heart issues.
So what’s the way out?
Find out in the next tab.

What Is Penis Enlargement Pumps (Ling Vardhak Pump)?

Penis pumps are basically suction devices in a cylindrical shape that fits over the penis. So what is their connection to the penis enlargement process?
Penis pumps create suction on the penis. And this suction forces the tissues to expand and makes a lot of blood rush from the body to the penis. This increased blood flow fills the penis to its maximum capacity.
In this way, penis goes through a serious workout inside the penis pump. When this intense workout is repeated every day, it may cause the penis to permanently increase in length and thickness.

Penis pumps are by far the safest and best penis enlargement device out there.


  1. Longer penis that reaches deep inside a woman’s vagina.
  2. Enlarged thickness that will make a woman feel full inside her.
  3. Helps cure erectile dysfunction and erection problems.
  4. Harder, healthier erections each and every time a man gets turned on.
  5. Helps treat premature ejaculation by making you last longer in bed.
  6. Improved sexual performance in bed.
  7. Increased self-confidence in every aspect of life.


Indian men are raised with a “ladke nahi rote” mentality. Men are never supposed to make a deal out of how they look and crib on their body issues. But it's high time we address that men face problems with how they look as well. What if they don’t post it out in the open or create viral hashtags for it?
Even men wished their body looked like something else….and yes their penis too. What they don’t get is a platform for their personal needs.
Penis enlargement industry has well-understood this thinking pattern in men and brought to India their revolutionary penis enlargement pumps.

Buy penis pumps online on India’s most loved sexual wellness store,

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