LGBTQ Pride Month 2019 - Sexcitement Week
LGBTQ Pride Month 2019 - Sexcitement Week

Penis Enlargement


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A man’s masculinity is linked with his penis. Bigger penis, better performance shows how much of a man he is. But not all men have equally bigger penis. And the desire to increase penis size continues to linger in men’s minds. Penis being a complicated organ, penis enlargement gets a little tricky. But not if you understand how it grows in the first place and act according to it for your penis enlargement journey.

How does a penis size grow?

Penis is formed of 2 chambers which are known as the corpora cavernosa. Penis has two chambers inside it called the corpora cavernosa. What’s interesting is what happens inside these chambers. Both of these chambers are not bones, they are made up of soft, spongy tissues. When a man is sexually aroused, the brain send signals through nerves. And then artery carries blood to the penis. When blood runs to the penis, these spongy tissues collect the blood inside them and this causes penis to grow in size.

So everything is either for
Making penis hold more blood and grow its size
Create pressure on the spongy tissues which will then form gaps between the cells. New cells will be produced by your body in the place of those gaps.

Penis Enlargement Products

  1. Penis Enlargement Pumps

    Penis Pumps are basically pumping in the shape of a cylinder that fits over your penis.
    They perform “suction” on your penis.Suction in simple terms is “something getting sucked”. So in that sense, your penis gets sucked inside this pump.The suction creates space inside your penis. The sucking motion and the newly created space makes room for a huge amount of blood to fill inside your penis.
    This increased levels of collected blood enlarges your penis and helps it grow in size and girth to its maximum capacity.
    When penis pumps are used on the penis regularly and religiously, the same suction process is repeated everyday and your penis goes into a workout routine. And just like bodybuilding, the workout routine can permanently cause length and thickness growth.
    Penis pumps makes it easy for you and uses the pressure in air or water to create suction inside the penis pump. There are both water and air pumps available in the market and the difference between the two is that compared to air, water gives a more powerful and constant suction. Bathmate Hydro Penis Pumps uses the power of water in its revolutionary technology of penis enlargement.

  2. Penis devices

    Extenders=something which extends. That something is your penis here.So, penis extenders will extend your penis, but how?That is the real question.
    Penis extenders uses the principle of traction and cell division for penis enlargement. Traction in simple words is basically pulling and stretching of something and in this case, penis.
    When penis receives a gentle pull from the outside, the cells inside the penis started getting stretched and in that process several gaps are created.
    To tackle these gaps, the second part of this principle starts its work. The process of cell division multiplies the existing cells and create new ones in place of the gaps. Large numbers of newly created cells will help make your penis longer and thicker in size.


  1. Increases length of your penis.
  2. Increases thickness of your penis.
  3. Helps correct premature ejaculation to make you last longer in bed.
  4. Helps maintain healthy penis.
  5. Helps cure erectile dysfunction to provide harder, stronger erections.
  6. Absolutely safe to use with no side effects.
  7. Requires minimal time and effort.

Buy Penis Enlargement Products in India

You only get one penis and the internet is abuzz with spams and magic pills guaranteeing penis size gains but we both know how effective they are. So instead, invest in a much reliable option to increase penis size and expect much better results.

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