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Vacuum Penis Pumps


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1 Item(s)

Penis Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to penises, men always yearn to possess a large penis. However, does size matter? In a way, it does. Usually, an erect penis of five to six inches length should be enough to satisfy a woman. Ideally, men would love their penises to be longer, as they consider it as a sign of manhood.

There are occasions when the penis does not measure up on the scale. Men with erectile dysfunction find it a challenge to stimulate their penises to an erection. Similarly, men undergoing medication after surgeries can also face temporary erectile dysfunction. Middle age can also cause such a situation. Under such circumstances, the ideal method to increase the size of the penis is to use a penis vacuum pump.

What is a penis vacuum pump?

A penis vacuum pump is a contraption that uses a vacuum to draw blood into the penis thereby increasing its size. It consists of a plastic/rubber tube that fits over your penis. A hand-operated or battery-operated pump draws out the air from the space inside the tube by creating a vacuum. Consequently, your penis grows in size as it draws blood. A plastic or a rubber band placed at the base of the penis prevents the penis from becoming flaccid again.

Benefits of using Penis Vacuum Pump

  1. Improves your erections

    Vacuum penis pumps create a vacuum inside the tube that helps the flow of blood into your organ. Hence, you manage to get an erection and sustain it long enough.

  2. Improves the size of the penis

    Normal use of the vacuum pump increases the size of your penis.

  3. Deliver extreme pleasure

    As tour penis enlarges and sustains an erection, you experience a blissful feeling.

  4. Makes the organ sensitive

    The normal flow of blood into your penis makes it sensitive as your organ begins to feel warm and tingly.

  5. Use the pump along with other medications

    It is possible to use the penis pump along with other medicines for enlarging the size of your penis.

Types of Vacuum Pumps

There are two types of vacuum penis pumps, the hand-operated and battery-operated pumps. These pumps are air-based penis pumps that work by creating a vacuum in the space between the tip of your penis and the ends of the plastic tube.
You can operate these pumps using your hands as well. At the same time, you have battery-operated pumps that use electricity to draw the air out from the tube. However, you have to be careful while using these pumps as excess pressure can cause bleeding due to rupturing of arteries inside your penis. A pressure gauge is a useful device to control the pressure and release it if you feel any discomfort.
There is a water-based penis pump as well that has water inside the tube instead of air. The advantage of such pumps is that you do not have to use any lubricants. Secondly, you can use them while having a shower as well. These pumps are safe on all types of skins.

Who can use vacuum pumps?

  1. Persons with erectile dysfunctions can use vacuum pumps to get a temporary erection.
  2. Similarly, persons recovering from surgeries have this problem of erectile dysfunction because of medications. Such people can also use these pumps during their recovery period.

Persons suffering from sickle cell anemia or those under medications such as blood-thinning drugs should refrain from using penis vacuum pumps. Similarly, patients suffering from priapism should avoid using the pump.

How to use vacuum penis pumps

Vacuum penis pumps come in the form of plastic tubes that you fit over your penis. The tubing connects to a pump. Use your hands or a battery-operated device to pump the air in the gap between the tip of your penis and the ends of the tube. As you create the vacuum, the blood starts to flow into your penis to maintain the equilibrium. Hence, you experience the enlargement of your penis.
You can use penis sleeves to seal the gaps. It helps to maintain the vacuum. Have a pressure gauge ready to measure the pressure you can bear. A release valve helps you to reduce the pressure inside the tube if you start feeling the discomfort. Shave your pubic hair before you use the pump.
The penis vacuum pump is a non-invasive method to enlarge the penis.

Where can you buy the penis pumps?

The vacuum penis pumps are available at
Remember that the penis pumps are very effective to cure erectile dysfunction issues in men. They can help you get a temporary erection & permanent results by using it regularly.

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