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ThatsPersonal Announcement

Sex Toys for Men

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Male Sex Toys Buyers Guide

Sex Toys For Men

We all know that men have a good appetite when it comes to Sex and Orgasm. But the million dollar questions is Do men need sex toys? The simple answer is Yes.
Sex toys for men are a quick source for men including young boys to enjoy great sexual pleasure with self or with their partner. These are designed especially keeping men’s pleasure in mind, making orgasms more intense and satisfying.
With the boom of male sex toys, men can slip into a peaceful state of sexual pleasure whenever they are turned on and are in desperate need for a release.

Why do men use sex toys?

Giving your partner or self the ultimate pleasure in bed is every Man’s dream. With the right toy, this dream can become a reality and even an average lover can become a Playboy. Male sex toys add an exciting new dimension to your pleasuring sessions, improve overall sexual performance and makes yourself more confident in bed. Hence, men are in total control of their sexual pleasure and able to achieve it whenever and wherever they want.

The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys for Men

  1. They offer intensified orgasms when used for solo-play.
  2. Men can become more aware of their bodies and what pleasures them.
  3. Provides a totally different sensation compared to a hand.
  4. Male sex toys act as great pleasure enhancers
  5. It helps lower stress and decreases anxiety levels in men.
  6. Male masturbators strokes tease and swallow your penis. They come in varied textures to give different kinds of stimulation.
  7. You can even use it as a couple sex toy to overcome a boring sex life.
  8. When used with a partner say Vibrating Ring, it caresses a woman’s clitoris with pleasing vibration and pulsations. Rings, when positioned underneath the base of the penis, provides a heightened sensory experience.

Type of male sex toys available in India

Thanks to our huge Indian millenial population, an exciting range of male sex toys has entered the sex toys market to please men into ground-breaking orgasms and steamy sex.

  1. Masturbators and Strokers

    Male strokers and masturbator are designed for self-pleasuring sessions where a man’s penis is stimulated and pleasured inside the vacuum of a stroker or mastubator.
    The vacuum has tons of different textures in the form of ribs, dots, and ridges on the inside of the stroker for a pleasurable feeling.
    The internal textures are really soft with massage beads that are guaranteed to enhance your self-play time. It gets rid of stress and improves your overall sexual performance.
    With strokers and masturbators, men can have the best masturbation session of their lives!

  2. Cock ring

    Penis rings are long, stretchable rings that provide harder erections and more satisfying orgasms. Erection rings make the penis grow bigger, stronger and harder during the act.
    It also makes the penis stay erect and hard for a longer time.
    Cock rings can be used by men while masturbating or along with their partner for an amazing sex session.

  3. Vibrating penis ring

    Vibrating cock rings are a great way to add fun and extra-steaminess to your regular sex.
    Vibrating penis rings are worn at the base of an erect or semi-erect penis. It is an erection ring equipped with a battery-operated vibrating bullet on the top.
    The ring offers hard erections while the super-strong vibrations from the bullet target your partner’s pleasure spots and provide them with intense stimulation.
    When it comes to spicing up your sex life, there isn’t anything like a vibrating cock ring. This vibrating rings act as a couple sex toy wherein the vibration provides great stimulation to the female partner as well.

  4. Penis Sleeves

    To please your women who want to enjoy larger penis in their vagina, Penis sleeves act as dummy sleeves worn over the men penis to increase the length and girth of the penis. Thus fulfilling your women's special wants. These sleeves are available in different sizes and also internal and external textures to provide different sensations to both partners during the sexual course.

  5. Male Prostate Toys

    Heard of P-spot orgasm? Prostate toys are male sex toys designed specially to stimulate the both the prostate and the perineum and provide men the best P-spot orgasm. These are available in both vibrating and non-vibrating modes.

  6. Penis Enlargement Pumps

    There is no suspense that Men and their partner love longer penis. And for those who have smaller ones or want to have a giant size, Penis enlargement pumps comes to their rescue. These pumps also help in providing better erections.

  7. Penis Enlargement Devices

    There are also Penis Extender Enlargement Devices that help are more effective for penis enlargement and for long term results.

  8. Anal Toys

    There is growing interest for anal sex and both men and women like to enjoy anal sex. Hence, there are anal toys available in both vibrating and non-vibrating mode for a great anal pleasure.

  9. Fleshlight

    Fleshlight is an artificial sex toy like a masturbator that takes the shape of a woman's vagina, mouth or the anal opening and is used by men for masturbation.

  10. Sex dolls

    A sex doll is also an artificial female doll given the shape of a sexual partner and is used for sex.
    IMPORTANT - The sale of obscene fleshlights and sex dolls are banned in India under the Indian Penal Code on accounts of “obscenity”.
    ThatsPersonal complies with all norms of legality and our products have been approved, cleared and sanctioned by Customs authority of India.



  1. It is always recommended to use sex toys with water-based lubricants. You need enough lubrication to ensure it does not hurt you and at the same time, provides you with best sexual pleasure.
  2. Always ensure that you select the Male Sex Toy that best suits your requirement either for solo play or couple sex. You can select based on the material, purpose, length, type - vibrating or not, etc.
  3. Cleaing your sex toy is very important as it ensure no wear and tear, longer life and proper hygiene. Always recommended to use sex toy cleaner which suits most sex toys for boys and men. Take proper precuations while cleaning sex toys with electric motors as rough cleaning or insertion of water can damage your toy.
  4. Never ever share your sex toy with any friend to avoid any infection or sexual health issues.
  5. Most Indians men especially boys stay along with other family members. And hence, always store your male sex toy at a safe place to avoid any embarassment to you.


At ThatsPersonal, we do not mean to leave men including young boys unattended and hence we provide them an entry into the world of sexual fantasy with our wide range of male sex toys that will have their bedroom session ending with a satisfying climax.
Grab our high-quality sex toys from top International brands that give unbounded pleasure every time your manhood wants it. Enjoy higher sexual pleasure, improve your sexual performance in bed and give your lady the surprise of her life!
Hence, buy sex toys for men & boys online in India at where each toy is 100% legal and custom cleared for your peace of mind. Needless to say, all products are delivered with 100% privacy and hygienic packaging.
Rest assured, enjoy high sexual pleasure with sex toys because you are worth it too!

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