Why to use a Sex Lube?
Why to use a Sex Lube?
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All You Should Know About the Lubes, Correct Usage and Consequences

Does Sex Lubricant usage seem a rocket science to you? Well, here is the whole Sex Lube Science decoded. Making love is a journey and like any other journey, it also needs an external means that makes it easier. Consider yourself a voyager willing to go deep inside to explore the ocean of pleasure and suddenly you realize that all your efforts and energy are gonna utilized at the entry as it’s dry as hell. Didn’t like the feeling? Well, here comes the role of sex lubricants.

Can’t Get it Enough? – Let the sex Lubes Take The Charge!

What is sex lubricant? This is one such question with which the internet is flooded with right now. The appealing advertisements of sex lubricants definitely fascinate people but the lack of proper knowledge spill water on their emotions many a time. Whether you are planning to have fun with your partner or enjoy your own company relying on your fist; dryness can spill water on all your excitement. As the name suggests, lubricants are something that lubricates and sex lubricants are either gel or liquid that a man or a woman applies on their private part to overcome the dryness and achieve pleasure in a hassle-free way.

Why Use Lubricant during Sex?

Lubricants have the power to bring a drastic transformation to your sex life. When a woman is up for making love, her body naturally releases a lubricant making her wetter. This makes penetration easier. But’ due to many psychological and physical conditions, it is hard for a woman’s body to generate the natural lubricant and hence artificial lubricants are used for easier intercourse. Lubricants are used to vagina, anal or penis to make the surface area slippery.


  1. Pain-free penis insertion.
  2. Reduces pain for woman during sex.
  3. Eliminates friction between penis and vagina during sex.
  4. Makes sex more comfortable.
  5. Absolutely safe to use.
  6. No risk of infections or side effects.
  7. Allows you to have sexier foreplay with the sex gel.
  8. Smoother and faster penis strokes.
  9. Flavored lubes offer delicious oral sex.
  10. Helps sex toys slide inside easily.
  11. Versatile to use during foreplay, oral, anal, intercourse and sensual massage.

Types of Sex Lubricants

Sex lubricants not only ensure complete wetness down there but also promise the convenience during the thrusts, flexibility of speed, proper stimulation and reaching the climax. Based on different sexual requirements, lubricants have been divided into several types:


Difference Between Water, Silicone and Flavored Lube

Type of Sex Lube Property
  • Made of vegetable glycerine
  • Lube used for all purposes
  • Moderate longevity
  • Least sensitive to skin
  • No stain on the fabric
  • Doesn’t break down easily and safest of all lubes
  • Made of refine and high-quality silicone
  • Can be sensitive to skin
  • Great choice for anal sex
  • May leave stains on fabric
  • Great longevity
  • Usually water-based lubes with added flavors
  • Great for oral sex
  • Lasts moderately
  • Can be sensitive
  • Edible lube

Sex Lubes Brands Available in India

Behind many successful sex, lubes remain the star performer but alas, unsung most of the times. In India, there is a wide range of people who encounter with vaginal or oral dryness during sex. This has called forth the inception of various types of lubes. Many reputed brands offer various categories of lubes in India. Some of the popular brands include Durex, Skore, Kamasutra, Manforce, HOT and to name a few.

What is the Cost of a Sex Lubricant in India?

The cost of Sex lubricants in India depends on the brand and type of lube. There are different types of sex lubes available out there in the market like water-based, silicone-based and flavored lubes. The factors like type of the material used, the refining process, branding and marketing, and popularity basically decide the cost of lubricants. Durex is apparently the costliest sex lube brand in India. You can buy Durex lubes ranging between Rs. 400 to Rs. 650 online. The other brands like Skore, Moods, and Manforce make their lubricant products available in the market that range between Rs. 200 to Rs.300. However, if you are buying these products online, the price may fluctuate according to the seller site.

Vagina Lubricants & How to Use

Vaginal dryness is mainly the reason for rough and unsatisfied sex. When the vagina can’t generate the natural lubricant, it requires an external agent to make it wet and slippery. Vaginal lubricants are mainly used on the vagina to avoid friction. Only water-based or silicone-based lubricants are recommended for vagina.

Anal Lubricants & How to Use

Well, here we can’t expect natural lubricant or wetness. Anal sex can’t be imagined without a lubricant otherwise it sounds like a roller-coaster ride (or maybe a nightmare). You can either lubricate your anal or apply the lubricant on the tip of the condom of your partner. Sex Lubricants make the penis penetrate the anal smoothly. Since anal doesn’t lubricate by itself, the chances of external personal lubricant getting dried are more and hence you may need to apply the lube again and again for the better experience.

Men's Lubricant & How to Use

Some sex lubricants are available in the market that can be used by both the partners while some of them are specially made to keep a man explore the cave smoothly. These sex lubes can be used either directly on the penis or on the condom before penetration.

Is There Any Side Effects of Using Sex Lubes

With great pleasures, come to a few side effects too. But, not always! Every skin is different and hence the chances of reaction or no reaction of a lubricant with different skins are variable. In some cases, people can feel a burning sensation down there while in some cases, there are chances of infection. Sex Lubricants other than water-based and silicone-based may provide a favorable atmosphere for the fungus and bacteria to grow if not used properly or if the basic hygiene has been overlooked. Itching, painful sex, bleeding, and rashes can also be the side effects of using lubricants in some cases.

Sex Lubricants during Pregnancy

Generally, pregnant women don’t require any lubricant as the hormonal changes occurring in the body during this phase cause a huge amount of fluid discharge in the vagina. However, every human body is different and hence some women stay dry as well even during pregnancy. Hence, using a water-based lubricant is completely safe during this phase. This will make the sex smooth leaving least chances for infection. Trying other types of sex lubes during pregnancy may be risky.

How to Use Sex Lubricants & Do & Don’ts?

Sex Lubes are not only helpful in smooth intercourse but they cut down the risk of condom breakage as well. When you are wet down there, the chances of friction and rough sex will automatically get reduced. Below are the dos and don’ts related to using lubes for sex.


  • Use the right kind of lube that is safe, easily washable and long lasting
  • Use lubes in the right amount for smooth sex and easy wash post sex
  • Use water-based or silicone-based lubes when you are planning a baby


  • Don’t use lubes with glycerine – lubes already contain that substance for a slippery feel
  • Don’t go for oil or petroleum-based lubes with condoms
  • Don’t use silicone-based lubricants on the surface of sex toys
  • Try to take a small amount of lubricant on your finger and then apply on the penis, anus or vagina rather than applying directly there


Women in India are used to living with pain for years now. They won’t speak up or find ways to reduce their pain. Same happens during sex as well. The entrance of the vagina being tiny for a big-headed Indian penis to pass through is a common scene in all Indian households. But no one is finding solutions to resolve the pain and friction and live a happier sex life.
It’s time we say No to vaginal pain and take a step towards smoother sex.

Personal lubricants are no modern invention. For ages, people have been using natural lubes like coconut oil, aloe gel, vaseline, saliva and olive oil as sex lubricant. People in India are also habituated to using their own saliva or coconut oil during sex. While they work as a perfect moisturizer for their intimate parts, the antibacterial properties in them pose a huge threat in disrupting the natural PH balance of vagina and degrading the effectiveness of latex condoms.

With an increased awareness of these harmful threats in India, people have been moving towards safer options like high-quality sex lubes. We understand your sex gel has to be shielded away from the prying eyes of this judgemental India society. That is why we provide discreet delivery without any category name or logo on display. You can be entirely sure of anonymity.

Think of sex lubricants, Think of


Sex Lubricant FAQs

What are some good and safe sex lubricants?

Water-based lubricants are the safest ones. They cause minimum damage to skin and condoms. They are easily washable and the chances of infection are also lower.

Is coconut oil a good sex lubricant?

Using home-made substances as lubricants is not a great idea. When it comes to such sensitive areas, you should always rely on tried and tested products. Coconut oil may decrease the natural pH of vagina and cause yeast infection. So, it’s better to keep it at bay when it’s about health, pleasure, and hygiene.

Can Vaseline be used as the lubricant in sexual intercourse?

Vaseline may work wonders for chapped lips and dry skin but not on the sexual organs. It is too thick and sticky and there are chances of the growth of yeast infection down there. Also, you can’t reply it while using latex condoms.

Can I use saliva for lubrication for sex?

Saliva is not a clean and hygienic alternative for lubricant. Also, it will dry off quickly and cause inconvenience during your intercourse.

Which sex lubricant is better and long lasting?

Silicone-based lubes are really good and they last long too.

What are some sex lubricants that will not hinder pregnancy?

Water-based lubricants are safe during pregnancy. They don’t affect the quality of sperm or cause harm to the health of a to-be mother.

Can I use Nivea lotion for lubrication for sex?

Again a wrong choice! Nivea lotion is used for dry skin but it won’t be effective for vaginal or anal sex. There will be chances of infection after the application.

What lubricants do you use for anal sex?

Silicone-based lubricants are recommended for anal sex; they last long and keep the area wet for the whole time. Make sure the product is made of medical grade first-rate silicone and comes from a reputed brand.

What is the importance of lubricating in sex?

Lubrication makes intercourse smooth, friction-free and more pleasing or satisfying.

Do lubricants help in improving sex life?

Yes, they do. Studies say that lubricants not just keep the area down there wet and slippery but also keep the penis erected for a long time. Lubes add to the long-lasting sex.

Is it good to lubricate penis before sex?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong. You can put a small amount of lube on your finger and apply it on your penis during the foreplay only. It will start working wonders gradually.

Is petroleum jelly safe for lubrication during anal sex?

No, any oil or petroleum-based jelly or lube will not be recommended during anal sex; especially when the partner is wearing a condom. The chances of tearing of the latex increase.

Can glycerine cream be used instead of lubricant for sex?

No. Glycerine is not as safe as a lube during sex. Glycerine contains sugar alcohol that increases the chances of bacterial growth in the vagina during intercourse.

Is liquid soap okay to use as a lubricant during sex?

No. Liquid soap contains soda and other chemicals and hence not safe as a sex lubricant.

What is the best oil for lubrication during sex?

Oils are not the best choice as lubricants during sex. However, olive oil and avocado oil are least harmful as lubricants but you can’t expect a great performance using these oils.

What type of lubricant recommended for the condom?

Only water-based or silicone-based lubes are safe with condoms.

What type of lubricant recommended for silicone sex toys?

Water-based lubes go well with silicone sex toys.

What type of lubricant recommended for glass sex toys?

Water-based and silicone-based lubes are recommended for glass sex toys. Use of oil, Vaseline, petroleum etc. are not safe with any sex toy.

Exactly like the myths related to sex, there are oodles of myths related to sex lubricants that must be debunked. Many individuals, as well as couples, think that lubricants are meant to be used during certain conditions or after a certain age when it’s hard to achieve moisture down there. Some people think that lubricants can do wonders with their sexual problems. But, no! Lubricant means smoother intercourse and long-lasting pleasure. For different sexual needs, there are different lubricants in the market. Always pick a good lubricant based on your needs and use it properly to enjoy the most of your lovemaking.

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