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Sex Lubricants

  • About Sex Lubricants

    Sex lubricant is a popular watery liquid used during an intercourse. You might ask why? We all wish our lovemaking sessions were as smooth as shown in those Bollywood flicks but due to the complex structure of our body parts things may not “glide” as smoothly. Women experience dryness and discomfort which in turn hampers their most sacred moments. Men fall victim to friction and pain as well and to avoid all of this a slippery savior glides into the picture.

    Popularly known as “Lube”, lubricant or personal lubrication is liquid gold to avoid the friction caused in bed threaten to create friction in your relationship. It is basically a gel which serves to ease the pain during your passionate moments. It is applied to your private areas for a much velvety experience.

  • Sex lubricants in India

    Personal lubricants are no modern invention. For ages people have been using several things like coconut oil, aloe gel and olive oil as their sex lubricant. While they work as a perfect moisturizer, the antibacterial properties in them pose a huge threat in disrupting the natural PH balance of the vagina and degrading the effectiveness of latex condoms.

    With an increased awareness of these harmful threats, people have been moving towards safer options. Lubricants have evolved into high tech silicone lubes for a perfect slippery bedroom experience.

  • Types of lubricants

    Since now your interest is peaked let's personalize lubricants to your specific needs and show you the different types of lubricants available in the market.

    Water-Based Sex Lubricants

    The most popularly known to our Indian masses, Water based lubes are extremely safe to use along with latex condoms and can be easily washed off with plain water. They provide extra wet glide during intercourse and because they are made out of water, they do not leave any stain behind. Water-based lubricants come in gels, creams and liquids drenched in several flavors and scents. On the flipside, these kinds of lubes do not have high moisture retention and tend to dry out after a certain period of time.

    Silicone-Based Sex Lubes

    You just created an effortless image of water based lubes in your mind, now what exactly is Silicone based Lubes? Contrary to the water based, silicone lubes do not dry up and allows you to have sex smoothly for a longer period of time. Silicone-based lubricants double up as a full body massage gel for a softer skin experience. If you have a planned shower or bathtub session coming up, silicone lubes are the best to use as they do not get broken down with water. The only precaution to take with these lubricants is to avoid their usage with any silicone material sex products or sex toys.

    Flavored Sex Lubricants

    It is pretty exciting to pick your favorite flavor in the ice cream parlor from over a range of choices. Your favorite ice cream flavors are now available in lubes too! Flavorful lubricants elevate the senses during sex for an unforgettably tasty experience.

    Hybrid Sex Lubricants

    Simply put, hybrid lubricants are a lustful hybrid of silicone and water based lubricants. They combine both the powers of silicone and water lubes, they last long like a silicone lube and is simple to wash off like a water based lubes. Hybrid lubricants takes over the drawbacks of silicone and water based variants to make a pretty ideal option for its users.

    Anal Sex Lubes

    Anal sex can be extremely scary and painful, the only thing that can get you through it smoothly is a lubricant and anal sex lubricants are designed specifically for the ever so daunting anal sex. It is made of thicker consistency and durability is more emphasized as anal sex tends to last longer and reapplying wouldn't be feasible.

  • Why sex lubricants

    sex lubricants are liquid gold when it comes to having silky smooth sexual experience. Personal lubes enhance the overall sex and make it more pleasurable. When a vagina fails to produce natural lubrication, sex lubricants eases vaginal intercourse and boosts pleasure sensations Lubricants multitask on different levels- they can be smeared to man`s penis for smoother strokes, it can also be applied on condom for easier penetration.

  • How to use lubricants?

    • Keep a bottle of lubricant within your reach.
    • Squeeze a quarter size amount of lube into your palm and rub in between your hands to make it a little warm.
    • Then it can be applied to a man`s erected penis and smeared on his balls Alternatively, men can rub some lube onto their woman`s clitoris and vagina.
    • As for the condom, it is advisable to apply a little bit of lube on the tip of the condom for an enhanced sensation during intercourse.
  • Lube for Anal Sex

    For anal sex, the lubricant is not just recommended but it is an absolute necessity. The reason behind that is fairly simple. During vaginal intercourse, vaginas offer natural lubrication which relieves the pain, but no lubrication is produced during anal intercourse which makes sex lubrication so mandatory to use.

    Anal sex also runs high chances of friction and tears, in such a case lubrications work as a super savior.

  • ThatsPersonal for lube

    We understand your liquid gold has to be shielded away from the prying eyes of your known ones. That is why we provide discreet delivery without any category name or logo on display. You can be entirely sure of anonymity.

    Think of lubricants, Think of ThatsPersonal.com

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