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Personal lubricant or Sex Lube is a liquid gel used during sex. You may ask why? We can have sex without it….why do we need to use a sex gel? So here’s why…….
We all wish our lovemaking sessions were as smooth as shown in those Bollywood flicks but due to the complex structure of our body parts things may not “glide” as smoothly.

While penis is inserted in the vagina, women go through a lot of pain and men struggle to insert their penis for a successful intercourse. When this happens, sex lubes swoop in to save you from the pain and struggle. Women experience dryness and pain during sex which in turn hampers their most sacred moments. Men fall victim to friction and pain as well and to avoid all of this a slippery savior gel glides into the picture.


Lubes for sex are simply a journey from painful to pleasurable.

Sex lubricants are liquid gold when it comes to having silky smooth sexual experience. Women of all ages tend to experience vaginal dryness so if a woman does not get sufficiently wet, sex can be painful for both men and women. In such dry conditions, when you try inserting penis into vagina it can lead to micro tears and injuries in your private organ.

Vaginal lubricant can solve this. It can add the needed moisture and ensure that the woman remains wet throughout the act. Vaginal lubricant lubes also allows thrilling penis strokes inside the vagina, making sex more intense and passionate.

Being a multitasker, lubricants are used for both men and women - It can slathered on a woman’s vagina for easier insertion and also over man’s penis for sexy strokes inside the vagina. The multitaskers work doesn’t end here…...lubricants can also be applied on the tip of the condom for safer and smoother penetration.

And why not to use coconut oil or saliva during sex

Indians are notoriously famous for their jugaadu ways. It has seeped into sex as well. For smoother sex, Indians use coconut oil, aloe vera, vaseline, saliva and god knows what else. Let's tackle them one by one.

  1. Coconut oil

    Just because coconut oil can be used for skin, hair, cooking does not mean it is safe to be used on your private parts. Coconut oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties which means it has the power to “kill virus and bacteria” and something so powerful should not be used inside your vagina. Vagina has both good and bad bacterias which keeps it healthy….now if you use coconut oil, it will kill all the bacterias there. This will lead to several harmful infections like yeast and fungal infections. And don’t even think of using coconut oil with condom. Your condom will get weakened and it won’t work leading to pregnancy scare.

  2. Saliva

    Firstly, its extremely gross and unhygienic. Saliva can leave the skin on your genital feeling dry and cracked. It comes with a lot of harmful bacteria that should not be used on your delicate private parts. Also, the purpose you are using it for does not get served because saliva dries out pretty quickly. It only provides a thin barrier and very low wetness which leads to painful sex.

In a nutshell, here are the risks associated with coconut oil and saliva-

  1. Skin irritation
  2. Fungal infections
  3. Yeast infections
  4. Disrupts the PH balance of the vagina
  5. Not suitable for highly sensitive skin
  6. Can cause condom breakage
  7. Can cause bumps, itchiness, and rashes

Lubricants for sex are soothing, moisturizing and long lasting no matter how long you have sex for. Lubes provide highest level of slipperiness without irritating the skin or leaving residue. They take away the roughness from the surface of the skin without feeling oily. No other personal lubricant like coconut oil or saliva provides the same level of comfort, ease of use and natural feel during sex.

Lubricants are safe

India seems to be a melting pot of myths and superstitions labelling anything harmful or harmless without knowing the actual reality. There is a great deal of misinformation and ignorance surrounding sex lubricants in India. Let’s clear them out once and for all.

One major ingredient in lubes is Glycerin. Glycerin is a natural compound extracted from plants. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it locks in moisture and helps stop products like face wash and body lotions from drying out or irritating skin. Glycerin is widely used in lubricants because it gives the power of wetness to the lube. It allows the lube to remain wet during the act. Glycerin also gives the slippery power to the lube which reduces friction. A lubricant feels sliding and slippering because of glycerin present in it.

Another ingredient in lubricants is propylene glycol which is again a humectant responsible for drawing in and locking the moisture. Propylene glycol can be found in food products we regularly consume like coffee, ice creams, whipped cream for cake and soda drinks.

This should come as no surprise that a major component of sex lubricants is Water. It is meant to reduce dryness. Water’s wet, and it’s (mostly) what we’re made of. Now you may think water can flow, it does not stay at one place. So let us clear out that for you. It is the responsibility of other ingredients in the lubricant that keeps it at the right place.

Benefits of sex lube

  1. Pain-free penis insertion.
  2. Reduces pain for woman during sex.
  3. Eliminates friction between penis and vagina during sex.
  4. Makes sex more comfortable.
  5. Absolutely safe to use.
  6. No risk of infections or side effects.
  7. Allows you to have sexier foreplay with the sex gel.
  8. Smoother and faster penis strokes.
  9. Flavored lubes offer delicious oral sex.
  10. Helps sex toys slide inside easily.
  11. Versatile to use during foreplay, oral, anal, intercourse and sensual massage.


Since now your interest is peaked let's personalize lubricants to your specific needs and show you the different types of lubricants available in the market.

  1. Water-Based Sex Lubricants

    The most popularly known to our Indian masses, water based lubes are extremely safe to use and most versatile and can be easily washed off with plain water. They provide extra wet glide during intercourse and because they are made of water, they do not leave any stain behind. Water-based lubricants come in gels, creams and liquids drenched in several flavors and scents. On the flipside, these kinds of lubes do not have high moisture retention and tend to dry out after a certain period of time.

  2. Silicone-Based Sex Lubes

    You just created an effortless image of water based lubes in your mind, now what exactly is Silicone based Lubes? Contrary to the water based, silicone lubes are thick and do not dry up quickly which allows you to have sex smoothly for a longer period of time. Silicone-based lubricants also works great as a body massage gel for softer skin. For people who love shower sex or naughty fun during bathtime, silicone lubricant is their best bet as they do not get broken down with water and lose its goodness. The only thing you should be careful is of not using silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys and adult products.

  3. Flavored Sex Lubricants

    It is pretty exciting to pick your favorite flavor in the ice cream parlor from over a range of choices. Your favorite ice cream flavors are now available in lubes too! Flavorful lubricants elevate the senses during sex for an unforgettably tasty experience. Hybrid Sex Lubricants

    Simply put, hybrid lubricants are a lustful hybrid of silicone and water based lubricants. They combine both the powers of silicone and water lubes, they last long like a silicone lube and is simple to wash off like a water based lubes. Hybrid lubricants takes over the drawbacks of silicone and water based variants to make a pretty ideal option for its users.

  4. Anal Sex Lubes

    Anal sex can be extremely scary and painful, the only thing that can get you through it smoothly is a lubricant and anal sex lubricants are designed specifically for the ever so daunting anal sex. It is made of thicker consistency and durability is more emphasized as anal sex tends to last longer and reapplying wouldn't be feasible.


  1. Keep a bottle of lubricant within your reach.
  2. Squeeze a quarter size amount of lube into your palm and rub in between your hands to make it a little warm.
  3. For males, apply a suitable amount to the head and shaft of the penis.
  4. This allows the penis to glide in smoothly through vagina or anal opening.
  5. For females, apply sex lube to the clitoris, labia, vulva and opening of the vagina.
  6. For sex toys, you need to apply a water-based lubricant to the part of the sex toy that is going to be inserted in your vagina.
  7. For condoms, it is advisable to apply a little bit of lube on the tip of the condom for an smoother strokes during sex.
  8. About 10 ml to 15 ml of lubricant should last if you engage in sex 10 times in a month.
  9. You can also go for 1 ml sachets for one-time use.


Women in India are used to living with pain for years now. They won’t speak up or find ways to reduce their pain. Same happens during sex as well. The entrance of the vagina being tiny for a big-headed Indian penis to pass through is a common scene in all Indian households. But no one is finding solutions to resolve the pain and friction and live a happier sex life

It’s time we say No to vaginal pain and take a step towards smoother sex.

Personal lubricants are no modern invention. For ages, people have been using natural lubes like coconut oil, aloe gel, vaseline, saliva and olive oil as sex lubricant. People in India are also habituated to using their own saliva or coconut oil during sex. While they work as a perfect moisturizer for their intimate parts, the antibacterial properties in them pose a huge threat in disrupting the natural PH balance of vagina and degrading the effectiveness of latex condoms.

With an increased awareness of these harmful threats in India, people have been moving towards safer options like high-quality sex lubes. We understand your sex gel has to be shielded away from the prying eyes of this judgemental India society. That is why we provide discreet delivery without any category name or logo on display. You can be entirely sure of anonymity.

Think of sex lubricants, Think of ThatsPersonal.com.

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