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Silicone lubricants

  • Silicone Sex Lubricants

    Sex lubricants that use silicone as their base are extra smooth and water proof. These lubricants offer nearly double the smoothness of water based lubricants, last longer and need to be used less often as compared to water based lubes. These silicone sex lubes are completely condom safe and can be used with them to enhance the overall sexual experience. They can easily be washed off with a little soap and warm water. These lubes can be used with all kinds of massagers except those made from silicone.

    ThatsPersonal has a discreet delivery policy that ensures your anonymity while buying adult sex toys online from us. When you think about sex toys, think about ThatsPersonal.

    Silicone based sex lubricants are different from water based lubricants. They do not contain water and the feel is different compared to water based lubricants. Silicone based sex lubricants last longer compared to water based lubricants as they are not assimilated by skin or mucus membranes. Silicone based lubricants are especially recommended for women with chronic vaginal dryness or genital pain. Also, it's a good idea to use sex lubricants by men while exploring sex toys for men

  • Lubricants are popularly called 'lubes' and we’d recommend them for any type of sexual activity. sex lubricants help you avoid friction and soreness that may happen during intercourse. You can use it with a massager or a stroker during masturbation. Or try our body gliders that are sex lubes doubling up for a body massage as well. Lubes can be water-based, silicone-based or flavoured, you pick one on the basis of these primary ingredients.

    1. Water-based lubes
    2. Our water-based lubricants go well with almost any kind of massager, and are great for adding an extra wet glide during intercourse by leaving no stain on your clothing or bed sheets. You can use water based sex lubricants safely with latex condoms and wash it off with a little soap and warm water. However, these lubes tend to dry up quickly and need reapplication during prolonged sexual activity. Go wild trying out our range of different scents, flavours and consistencies. Play with warming and cooling lubes that generate heat or coolness when applied on areas of the body for even more erotic sensations.

    3. Silicone-based lubes

    You can pick a silicone-based lube for when you want to make that hot shower even hotter! These long-lasting waterproof premium lubes are usually recommended for any waster-based sexual activity like showers, bathtubs, and jacuzzis. Our silicone lubes are safe for use with condoms as well, and don’t stain clothing or bed sheets. They can simply be wiped off the surface with a clean, dry towel. You can use them with all kinds of massagers except massagers made of silicone or UR3, these will deteriorate when used with a silicone-based lube.

    1. Flavoured lubes
    2. Flavoured lubes make the world of oral sex a delicious and unforgettable experience! Running your tongue over your partners sensitive bits can be so yummy when you’re tasting apple, cherry and strawberry while making your partner shiver. Want him to eat you up like a starving man? Rub some flavoured sex lube over your sensitive spots and let your partner drive you wild with his appetite for how you taste!

    3. Hybrid lubes
    4. Are a mix of silicone and water-based. You can use them for their long-lasting effects and then wash them off as easily as water-based lubes.

    5. Anal lubes
    6. These lubes are thicker in consistency so as to provide a smooth and less troublesome anal sex experience.

    7. Assorted Packs

    Not sure what lube you’d like to pick? We’ve got assorted packs of lubes in different materials or flavours giving you a variety to choose from each time you use them.

    Buy online with full confidence. The delivery will be discreet. This means that the outer bag, packaging, and label of your parcel will not display the ThatsPersonal logo, photographs, or details of the contents of your order. Even the courier boy will not know what the parcel contains.

  • The silicone used in breast implants is not the silicone used in silicone based lubricants, so its pretty safe to use silicone based lubricants as they are hypoallergenic and do not penetrate through skin pores. There are 4 ingredients at most in the majority of silicone lubricants and the main ones are Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone and in some cases a spermicide, although it will be best to check each brand if that is important to you.

    Silicone based lubricants are safe to use with condoms and do not need to be applied again, as opposed to water based lubricants. They have a very unique, silky feel that is soothing to the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. There are various commercially available silicone based lubricants differing in quality, scent and performance.

    Silicone based lubricants makes your partner intimately moisturized, no matter where your love making takes you. Right from offering a silky smooth feel during massage to long marathon sessions, silicone based lubricants are designed to last long. You can also use silicone based lubricants during water adventurous activities like Jacuzzi, Pool, Bath Tub, Sauna or Shower, and watch your partner feel that heightened pleasure. The biggest advantage of using silicone lubricants is that they are water-proof.

  • Silicone lubricants are highly recommended during a smooth and pleasurable sexual intercourse. But, they are strictly not recommended for use with sex toys or products made from silicone as they disintegrate over time and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Always choose silky lubricating formulations that are safe for the skin. Formulations are available that stay soft and silky even in water. To help keep your skin moist and conditioned, select a silicone lubricant with added moisturizing botanicals.

    Silicon based lubricants are available in a single-hand pump so you can apply the lubricant quickly using only one hand. You can also find basic silicone lubricants that are free of oils, fragrances and preservatives.

    Silicone based lubricants are known to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, compared to water based lubricants. They are expensive and harder to wash off bedding and clothing, unlike water based lubricants.

    ThatsPersonal has a discreet delivery policy that ensures your anonymity while buying sex toys online from us. When you think about silicone sex lubricants, think about ThatsPersonal.

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