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Now that you have decided to take your sex up a notch and have decided to try an adult product, we are confident that it will add a lot of fun to your love making sessions. The question now comes is, “Which adult product to choose?”, “Which is the best sex toy for me?” and “Which sex product should I buy?” Finding the right sex product is a difficult task, and we are here to guide you to select your first sex product. With the help of our Sexperts, we have picked the best products that we are sure you will love. Explore the limitless possibilities in sex. We hope you have fun with them ;p

First Water Based Lube

Lubricants are a must for good sex. They are the first additional product to buy after condoms. We recommend using water based lubes which are safe to use with condoms and other adult products. Water based lubricants will take your sexual activity to a new height. Try it and it will be the smoothest sex you ever enjoyed. Our top recommendations are-


Beginners Flavoured Lube

A good variant of water based lubricants are flavoured lubes which are great for oral sex as they are edible lubricants and also provide smooth sensuous sex. We are confident that flavoured lube will add a new dimension to oral sex and make it last longer and longer. What better excuse to experiment with oral sex than applying a yummy chocolate or fruity flavor on your partner's erogenous zones?


First Penis Pump

There isn’t probably a single guy on this planet who hasn’t wished he owned a bigger and better performing penis. If you haven’t been able to satisfy your woman like you have fantasized of and your penis size has prevented you from having fulfilling relationships, you may want to take a look at penis enlargement pumps. Penis pump creates a suction around your penis thereby improving blood circulation in the shaft. The increased blood supply gradually turns your penis bigger and longer.


First Delay Product

The second most widely used product, a product that helps you last longer in bed is a delay product. Most men enjoy sex and want to last a little longer than normal especially to satisfy their partner to the fullest. In order to prolong your sex time so as to last longer that she’d expect, we recommend using a delay product that will give you more sexual time and more fun. Not only do we recommend this as a solution for premature ejaculation problem, but even for regular men who simply want to get more time and excitement during sexual intercourse. This product does not have any side effects and it’s not addictive. Try it and you will satisfy your partner like never before.


First Female Sex Toys

True sexual liberation of a woman comes from wholly embracing your sexuality and accepting the fact that you are not dependent on someone else for your own pleasure. For all of those fearless women, who realize their needs, using a sex toy will make you feel confident about your body and sex life. Vibrator is a sex toy popularly known to be a “woman’s best friend or secret lover”. A vibrator targets a woman’s most sensitive areas and satisfies them to the core.


First Pleasure Ring

This is a great introduction to sex toys for men. Most men start their sex toy experience with pleasure ring. A pleasure ring is a simple vibrating ring that a man puts on his penis and besides giving a stronger, harder and more long lasting erection, it also gives both the Man and the Women the extra vibrations to make sex fun and adventurous with its compact powerful battery. Perfect for any position, wear it above or below penis shaft based on the pleasure rings instructions.


First Naughty Game

What’s more fun than living up your fantasies. These games make an excellent gift for couples, let them create naughty memories with these naughty games. More and more couples are breaking the ice and playing out their fantasies using naughty games. These games are designed to leave you and your partner in laughing, loving and a lusting state. These sex game offers hilarious challenges with arousing and wild conversations leading to immense sexual excitement.


First Body Paint

Too shy to dirty talk? Spell it out on their body. Your lover becomes your canvas, paint your imagination on their body. Sex is fun and make it even more exciting with edible body paint. It’s made from food grade material, skin friendly and 100% veg but not to be used as lunch. Simply use the paint on your partner’s body and then kiss it and lick it to make your partner quiver with excitement while enjoying the great taste and excitement.


Beginners Male Solo Toy

Enjoy the real feeling of sexual satisfaction with male solo toys. These products create natural feelings and take masturbation to new heights. It’s reusable and waterproof material. Simply insert your penis in the sleeve of toy which will provide an extraordinary sexual satisfaction. Masturbation will “come in handy” and that will have you coming back for each and every time. Once you use this, you will crave for this every time.


First Woman Arousal

If you want your woman’s excitement levels to rocket the skies, arousal products are the key to it. Arousal products aid flow of blood to the sexual parts of a woman to make that area extremely sensitive. It thrills the nerve endings present down there and heightens her passion and excitement for your touch.


First Kinky

Plain vanilla sex gets damn boring after a certain period of time. And we don’t blame you. Enter spanks, gasps, pulling and tying in the most sexually pleasurable way. The manliness and dominance in the kink is a blissful heaven to be in ! Grab the kinkiest products to explore your hidden fantasies with your partner and thank us later!

Buyers Guide
Buyers Guide


If you are new to sex products and have not explored this side of the world, then Vibrators, dildos, strokers and cock rings may sound alien or even scare you away. The kind of society that we live in, it’s absolutely normal to have inhibitions around Sex (Adult) products. The simple thought of self-pleasure is considered “Taboo” and these products are been tagged as “Addictive”, well that’s exactly why people shy away from these things.

We (ThatsPersonal) are on an expedition to make individuals realize their sexuality and demystify the myths relating to Desires and Pleasure. There’s nothing wrong in taking help of external factors, especially when you wish to explore your Sexual Powers! (You Have The Powerrrr!!) And would want to spice up your boring bedroom routine.


Let’s accept this, each one of us would have a thought about Adult Toys (Sex Products) at least once in this much of our life. What is it? Why to use? Will it be helpful??

In simple terms – Sex products help us to make sexual efforts easy with or without a partner while maximizing our performance and creativity. These help in enhancing your skills even If you are a first timer or the one who has already used these products.

  • You would be a better lover
  • Increased Intimacy
  • More Satisfying performance
  • Helps you to connect deeply with yourself and with your partner


  1. Enriched sex experience
  2. Multiple orgasms
  3. Long lasting performance and Harder Erections
  4. Increased self-confidence
  5. Versatile usages
  6. Superior intimacy levels


You Might be Happy being a single Woman but wish to indulge in Sexual pleasure all by your own or want to please yourself when your partner isn’t around. In such scenarios, you can check out stimulating Vibrators or Classic Dildos to give you those pleasure waves.

You can be a guy with no time for a relationship, already piled up with work and loads of stress!! Don’t you wish to relieve yourself and activate the energies? Let us present the satisfying stokers (u can release with an ease), masturbators and cock ring which will make you cling.

Probably as a couple you would be tired of the dull sexual activity and want to fetch life in your bedroom. Well, then the couple vibrators and vibrating cock rings are all excited to serve your needs.


Sex products are available in different sizes and materials (Silicone, Rubber, and Glass), basically keeping individual thought in mind. Most of them are water proof and some can be used during showers. Check out every details about the product and order as per your requirement and within your budget.

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