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Tenga Cup

Masturbation is an everyday activity that almost everyone in the world engages in, to release the pent-up sexual feelings. Males can use their hands to stimulate their penises, but it is better to use external sex toys or devices like masturbation cups or Tenga cups.

What is the Tenga cup?

The Tenga cup is a male sex toy that is available in different varieties. Some of the types are Tenga soft tube cup, Tenga deep throat cup 101, rolling head cup, double hole cup, air cushion cup, original vacuum cup, and so on.

How to use Tenga cups

Appearance-wise, the Tenga cups look like small shampoo or conditioner bottles. Hence, you can keep it in plain sight without arousing any kind of suspicion in the minds of your friends or family. The designing of the masturbation cup is such that it allows you to squeeze in the middle to adjust the pressure. The cup comes equipped with a variety of sensation aids that can impart an unparalleled tightness to enhance the pleasurable activity.

Different types of Tenga cups

Tenga Deep Throat Cup
The Tenga deep throat cup 101 measures 16.5 cm in height and is around 6.4 cm wide. Usually, the Tenga cups are fit for one-time use, but it is possible to reverse the inner side of the cup and rinse it thoroughly, thereby allowing multiple applications of the toy.

The highlight of this unique male sex toy is its durability. The TPR material that goes into the manufacturing of this Tenga cup ensures that it has a high endurance level. Generally, these cups come with water-based lubricants to enable smooth masturbation. Besides, you can also use any sex lubricant with it to enhance the sensations.

Tenga Soft Tube Cup
The soft tube cup gives you complete control over the tightening sensations. The cup is in the form of a flexible tube that allows the user to grip it lightly or tightly depending on his preference. Thus, it is possible to adjust the grip, where it suits you the best. This Tenga cup provides a wide variety of sensual sensations such as pressing, rubbing, and stroking. Another highlight of the Tenga soft tube cup is that it allows you to squeeze out after ejaculation.
The advantage of the Tenga soft tube is that it helps to tighten your grip around the tube to exert more pressure on the penis. As this masturbation cup comes with textures having dozens of nubs or protrusions, a majority of which are reversible, it helps in massaging the penis to provide the greatest pleasure.

This Tenga cup comes with an air hole at the end. Usually, all Tenga cups have this hole to allow you to vary air pressure in the cup. It works as a vacuum pump in many ways to deliver the maximum stimulation. Squeezing the soft cup also serves to control the pressure. This cup comes with a pre-lubricated jelly sleeve packed inside a white plastic container. Therefore, there is no necessity to use additional lubricants. However, you are free to use more sex lubricants if you experience tightness and difficulty in squeezing the penis.
As a rule, this Tenga cup is a use-and-throw kind of sex toy. However, it has provisions to remove the interiors and clean the sleeves, thereby allowing you to use multiple times.

Tenga egg
The Tenga Egg is another sex toy that is capable of delivering extreme pleasure to the user. It possesses a beautiful inner texture that makes its design inconspicuous, but at the same time innovative. This squishy egg sex toy stretches to accommodate small as well as large penises by covering it from the base to the tip. This Tenga Egg comes with a flexible design made of a soft and supple silicone material. The silicone material ensures the elasticity, thereby allowing it to stretch and please the largest of penises as well.

The pleasing texture on the interiors of the EGG is capable of teasing every point in your penis to guarantee a fantastic orgasm every time you use it. The best aspect of the Tenga Egg is that it is a great sex toy to indulge in foreplay along with your partner. The supple design enables your partner to hold the egg and squeeze your organ to the maximum, thereby giving the excitement of the highest quality.

Where do you get these Tenga cups and Tenga egg?

These innovative sex toys are available at specific shops dealing with sex toys. It is possible to order them online from our website We ensure to maintain the highest quality standards. Use these sex toys to enhance the pleasure of lovemaking with your partner. It is also an excellent appliance to release your sexual frustrations that could creep up from time to time. Ordering these toys from our online store guarantees high quality and prompt delivery.

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