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V Wash Plus

Maintaining hygiene is a vital aspect of life. Every woman pays attention to her hair, skin, teeth and other parts of her body and ensures that they remain clean and healthy. But, what about the most private part of your body, the vagina? Traditionally, women use soap and water every day while bathing. However, is it enough? No, it is not. The right solution to keep your vagina clean and healthy is to use a unique formulation, V Wash Plus.

What is V Wash Plus?

V Wash Plus is a hygienic wash product specially designed to keep the vagina clean. It contains a unique Lactic Acid formula along with ingredients like tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil. V Wash Plus helps maintain the pH level of the vagina, thereby preventing dryness, itching and irritation while leaving you fresh throughout the day.

Role of V Wash Plus unique formulation

Using soap and water cleans the vaginal area, but increases the pH level to way above 10. Even washing with plain water is not advisable because water has a pH value of 7. The ideal pH value around the vaginal area should be in the range of 3.5 to 4.5 because the most intimate part of the woman's body is acidic. Therefore, the lactic acid formulation, along with the germ-fighting abilities of tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil is necessary to keep the vaginal area free from all kinds of infections.

When to use V Wash Plus?

It is advisable to make it a daily habit to use V Wash Plus for cleaning the vaginal area. Use it when bathing and even after every bout of urination. Apart from maintaining excellent hygiene and destroying the germs, V Wash Plus helps to keep the area fresh and make you feel comfortable. You can also use V Wash regularly during your menstruation cycle and pregnancy as well.

How to use V Wash Plus?

V Wash Plus can be applied at any time of the day or night. Pour a few drops of the liquid on your palms and apply it over your vagina with your fingers. Subsequently, you should gently massage the areas around the vagina to ensure that there is even distribution of the formulation along the entire area. Rinse thoroughly using clean water after application of V Wash Plus.

Advantages of using V Wash Plus

  • Your vagina remains clean and healthy.
  • It kills the germs that cause itching, dryness, and irritation.
  • It keeps the vaginal area fresh and comfortable.
  • The pleasant odour of V Wash Plus helps overcome the bad smell of urine and blood during menstruation.
  • The vagina is acidic. And so, using V Wash Plus restores the pH balance in the area.
  • You can use it during your periods and pregnancy.
  • V Wash does not have any side effects.

Can men use V Wash Plus?

If the formulation works for women, it should work for men as well. They can also use V Wash Plus to cleanse the area around their penis. However, the penis does not require being acidic. Hence, a mildly scented soap should also suffice. The USP of V Wash Plus is that it maintains the pH balance in the most private areas of women and keeps them free from infections.

Where do you buy V Wash Plus?

Visit our website and order your pack of V Wash Plus. We ensure prompt delivery of the order. You can order in bulk to get the benefit of attractive discounts. You can also buy V Wash from e-commerce retailers and pharmacy shops. It does not require a medical prescription to buy V Wash Plus.

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