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ThatsPersonal Announcement

Intimate hygiene

  • How about playfully surprising your lover with a delicately shaved and styled lady lawn? Try some of our wonderful shaving stencils to sculpt some sexy designs in your private bits. Use hygiene products like our shaving creams & gels, and aftershave sprays that make the process easy and soothing for the skin. We’ve got a bunch of other fun products like creams to brighten skin, cleaning lotions for your intimate parts, massagers, lip butter in delicious flavours, a special lingerie wash liquid to keep that sexy underwear in shipshape for another action-packed night, and more! Various reasons such as childbirth, menopause etc can trigger a loose vagina. As they grow old, many women search for effective vaginal tightening solutions. There are many vaginal tightening creams and products available at ThatsPersonal. Also, ThatsPersonal offers pheromones which are seductive fragrances of pheromones will enthrall your partner and leave you feeling tempting.

    Buy female hygiene products at ThatsPersonal with full confidence. The delivery will be discreet. Which means that the outer bag, packaging and label of your parcel will not display the ThatsPersonal logo, photographs, or details of the contents of your order. Even the courier boy will not know what the parcel contains

    1. Creams & sprays for tightening skin and improving curves:
    2. Use these products to tighten the skin and muscles in your intimate zones, which may feel loose during intercourse. Now you can make it firm enough for your partner to enjoy the act just like it was for the first time! We’ve got creams to make your breasts and butt firmer, fuller, and rounder. Try some of these fun solutions to turn back the clock and make your body feel younger!

    3. Sex toys cleaner:
    4. Show your toys some love too, so that they last for a long time and can be used with no risk of any infection arising from improper maintenance. Any sex toy needs thorough cleaning after each use, to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of any bacteria or fungi on them. Use any of our cleaning sprays, and always wipe your toy dry gently with a clean cloth before storing it in a clean, dry place away from sunlight.

    5. Nip balm:
    6. Our special nip balm pack contains two types of liquids – one makes you feel a pleasant warmth when applied, and the other a cool, soothing effect. Brush them over the sensitive areas of your body in order to experience warm and cool sensations that become even more pronounced when your partner kisses you in those regions.

    7. Washes, sprays and powders for private parts:
    8. To keep yourself free of itchiness and any kind of bacterial growth, use some of our special wash liquids, foam washes and sprays. These specially formulated cleansers are much better than using soap because they are mild and don’t cause any burning sensation. Applying a powder after washing & drying will help you keep your skin free from wetness and foul smells. Try these products to maintain hygiene and keep your parts clean, soft, dry and odour-free.

    9. Shaving Creams & gels:
    10. A shaving cream is a shaving cream, right? Not anymore. Our specially formulated creams & gels will soften your hair and soothe your skin, making it ready for shaving without causing a rash. Watch your partner’s eyes burn with desire as he comes within kissing distance to the region where you’ve taken all the hair off! Available in scented and unscented varieties.

    11. Shaving stencils:
    12. You can simply place one of these over the pubic hair while shaving the area around it. Give your partner the double pleasure of a raw and unshaved bit surrounded by a manicured lawn in a neat shave around it! The shape of the shaved area depends on the shape of the stencil. Choose from all the different designs we’ve got to add to your sex appeal.

    13. After shave sprays:
    14. Shaving can sometimes cause redness, burning and rash, especially in sensitive zones. If you cut yourself in the process, an infection can occur too. Our special sprays not only protect your skin against rashes and infections after shaving but also help in keeping it soft and smooth.

    15. Massage Lotions:
    16. Let us help you pamper your skin with massage lotions full of special ingredients to rejuvenate you and make you glow. Squeeze some into your partners palms and let yourself be massaged over your back, shoulders, arms and legs. Or simply apply it yourself and let your partner marvel over the discovery of how soft and smooth your skin is to touch.

    17. Fragrances:
    18. Try some of our delicately fragrant sprays that exude soft aromas of fruits, spices, and sweet extracts coming together to create scents that make you deliciously irresistible. Choose these when you are on a mission to seek a man’s attention or draw your lover closer.

    19. Soft tampons:
    20. Do away with the irritating feel of sanitary napkins. You’ll love our soft tampons that are light in weight, and can easily be inserted for use during your period without any bulge in clothing. Tampons are also handy if you’ve an active lifestyle (swimming, sports, sauna, etc.

    21. Linen Sprays:
    22. Let your bed sheets, pillow covers and soft pullovers also get into the mood and play the role of exciting your senses. There’s so much you can do to make your intimate moments special. Just a few sprays on your bedding linens can create a great mood for a night of action. Use these and make your bedtime the best part of your day!

    23. Lingerie wash:
    24. Why leave your lingerie out of your care and attention? This intimate item of clothing deserves some delicate handling and a perfect wash for it to remain as good looking as ever, and to keep you looking great in it. Try some of our specially formulated lingerie wash liquids to preserve it with a pleasant fragrance and raise the level of desire when you wear it.

    Buy intimate hygiene products online with full confidence at ThatsPersonal. The delivery will be discreet. This means that the outer bag, packaging, and label of your parcel will not display the ThatsPersonal logo, photographs, or details of the contents of your order. Even the courier boy will not know what the parcel contains.

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