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About Sexy Corsets & Bustiers

Pick a corset to hold and mould your curves boldly, or a bustier to exaggerate them. Corsets and bustiers wrap around your body between the bustline and the hips, usually without shoulder straps. They hug you in the most delicious ways to give you a firm and feminine shape, great for making you look young and sexy. A sure way to make your partner want to discover you all over again!

Buy online with full confidence. The delivery will be discreet. This means that the outer bag, packaging, and label of your parcel will not display the ThatsPersonal logo, photographs, or details of the contents of your order. Even the courier boy will not know what the parcel contains.

More On Corsets

A corset is a garment that is worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape, leaving the wearer looking sexy, well formed and shaped. A Corset is by far the most alluring piece from amongst a woman's lingerie options. Our range of corsets online has been selected carefully keeping the average Indian woman's body shape in mind. We have in our collection brands like Hustler, Shirley of Hollywood and Elegant Moments, and in some cases we even have them in multiple sizes. Treat yourself to a quality, seductive premium corset in India from our range today.

Sexy lingerie is all about colour, shape, material, and drape. Pick from our range of hot lingerie to make you look instantly sexier and excite your man! The best lingerie should fit you comfortably, and should not be too loose or too tight. When you select one of our products, make sure its colour, cut, and style compliments your skin tone and body shape while suiting your partners tastes. You can also get adventurous and experiment with fabrics other than cotton, let his fingers appreciate the different textures on your body besides your skin!


  1. Cotton is a natural and comfortable fibre, allowing the skin to breathe and absorbing perspiration. It’s also easy to maintain with a simple machine wash and dry.
  2. Silk is a premium natural fibre that lives up to its name with a silky smooth touch, soft drape, and natural shine. Dry clean only as our delicate garments will lose their silky finish if they are washed roughly.
  3. Faux Leather is a man-made fabric that can look like leather or plastic (PVC). It is easy to wash and remains well-maintained if stored in a cool, dry place.
  4. Lycra is an artificial fibre that is stretchable, lightweight, and long-lasting. It is often mixed with other materials, so it’s best to read the instructions on the product itself before washing.
  5. Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is stretchy and very easy to wash and maintain. It is most commonly used to make stockings.
  6. Polyester is a man-made wrinkle-free fibre designed to stretch and last long. Its popular for being mixed with other fibres
  7. Rayon is a synthetic fabric that drapes well, is almost silk-like in feel but less expensive, and lasts longer. It is often mixed with other fibres. Its care depends on the kind of material that is mixed with it.
  8. Micro fibre is an artificial fibre that is very soft to touch, and drapes well. It is easy to wash and dries quickly.
  9. Charmeuse is a lightweight fabric, and is recognisably shiny on one side and dull on the other.
  10. Satin is a slippery soft material similar to charmeuse, as it has one side shiny and the other side dull.
  11. Chiffon is a very thin, lightweight blend made of nylon, rayon or silk.
  12. Jacquard is a woven fabric, creating an effect of a pattern or graphic design.
  13. Mesh is a stretchy synthetic material that allows the skin to breathe though tiny openings in its knit.
  14. Sheer is any woven material that has a net-like structure with openings that are smaller than a mesh.
  15. Opaque is any material that does not allow anything to be seen below it.

Origin & Advantages of Wearing Corsets

Corsets date back to the 16th Century and were particularly a hit in the European regions.But after the French Revolution in the 18th Century there was a major fashion change andthe popularity of corsets began to fade away.

Later in the 1830s a desire foran hourglass body became a popular trend among the women of the higher and middle class and tight lace were again in vogue. Now with the wake of waist trainers and fitness in the 21st century there are corsets available for every body type and is a part of almost every women’s underwear wardrobe. Since Corsets have such a strong history in the world of fashion we at ThatsPersonal just couldn’t skip it from our collection.

Advantages Of Wearing Corsets

Corsets provide numerous advantages to the body because of the way they are designed. Its uplifting effect gives your breast a prominent cleavage while giving the bosom a perky and full look. They also flatten the stomach and highlight your waistline to give you the sexy look you always wished for and make your man give you the attention you deserve.

Basically corsets are made to enhance your posture and make you look much sexier. So no matter if you have a full or small bust or if you are tall or short, there is style out there that is going to fit you perfectly.

Here is what you need to know while buying that perfect corset to set up the right bedroom mood.

  • Averagely built women almost times can fit into any kind of corset. The ones with a sweetheart neckline enhances the wearers bust and is often recommended.
  • Tall and slimmer women can opt for the flat front styled look that creates an illusion of a fuller bust size.
  • Women with large busts can choose the overbust corset which gives support right from the waist upwards.
  • There are of course other factors to choose from like the color and material of corsets and we at ThatsPersonal have just the right types you can get your hands on.


Almost all our garments will have wash instructions on the label. If there is no label on the lingerie, or it does not mention the instructions, then don’t wash it in the washing machine. You can wash the item by hand in warm water using mild soap. Don’t use hot water as the fabric may lose its shape, elasticity, or shrink. Don’t use any bleach.

After washing, gently squeeze the garment just once by holding it in both hands and closing your fists in order to drain out water. Don’t twist the garment using both hands in opposite directions as it may stretch or destroy the garment. Dry the lingerie in a place away from direct sunlight.

Buy online with full confidence. The delivery will be discreet. This means that the outer bag, packaging, and label of your parcel will not display the ThatsPersonal logo, photographs, or details of the contents of your order. Even the courier boy will not know what the parcel contains.

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