31 Sex Ideas to Spice up your Sex Life in 2020

Come New Year’s and you will find people all over the world preparing long lists of resolutions. The most common ones are to save money, to lose weight, find a job or quit some form of addiction. Ever wondered as to why ‘have great sex’ is never on anyone’s list? This should be the number one resolution for every year of your life. But, we often get so caught up in the hustle-bustle of our daily routines that the action in the bedroom eventually starts taking a backseat. Doesn’t your day feel amazing when you have good sex? So, just imagine how ecstatic you are going to be if you have your sex calendar sorted for the year?

This article is a compilation of 31 steamy ideas to spice up your sex in 2020. If you are married, engaged or just plain dating, this list should be your bible. So, unfasten your belts and get ready to ride your partner throughout 2020.

1. Indulge in erotic games - Adult games have a gamut of benefits for the people involved in it. Apart from being an excellent mood stimulator, it also adds that much-needed zing to your relation. You can get to discover a brand new, unabashed side of your partner and in turn, end up having a raunchy time in the bedroom. Kheper Games has an exhaustive range of adult sex games that are addictive!

2. Massage oils to the rescue - Nowadays, our lives have become extremely stressful. By the end of a regular day, both our mind and body gets exhausted. Picture this. You are dead tired one evening; you just want to reach home and crash on the bed. You open the door and the lights are dim, almost romantic, there are aromatic candles everywhere and your partner is waiting for you wearing just a smile. You get treated with a relaxing (not to forget sensuous) oil massage. I leave you to this scenario to imagine the rest of the story. Oh! By the way, a personal favorite is the Shunga Warming oil which can be slathered generously on the body and it can be licked too.

3. Talk Dirty – This is a surefire way to build your urge to rip off each other’s clothes when you meet. Dirty talking is one of the most effective forms of sexual stimulation as the person tends to draw a mental picture of everything that is being discussed. Drop arousing texts to your partner once in a while, describing what you will do to him/her when they get home and unravel the flame in their desire.

4. Play a role – Role plays, seductive outfits and kinky costumes are a big hit in the bedroom. The shyest people also have some secret fantasies. Probe your partner or better yet, figure out their wildest fantasy and surprise them. With Christmas around the corner, your man will be elated to see you dressed up as Santa or a Superhero. Men are very creative in this aspect. Gift him the best night in a long time and he will be yours forever!

5. A strip show - Men are visual beings. They have a wild imagination and if you feed it right, you will be entitled to a great time on the bed. A strip show coupled with a pole dance is a killer combination. You only need to get the basics right to stage a perfect strip show. The first pointer of a strip show is great music. The music should be soft yet sensuous; but, if you and your partner are the aggressive kinds then go for the music of your choice. The idea should be to create a sense of mystery with a visual delight. Dim the lights, dunk in a few glasses of wine, don some sexy lingerie and just go for it.

6. Try the rear – Trying a different position is a very thrilling experience. Anal sex has such heightened stages of pleasure that it leaves you wanting for more. It isn’t as scary or painful as it sounds though. There is a wide range of lubricants available these days which makes anal sex as easy as a breeze. Joydivision has a varied range of anal products like lubricants, bendy beads, dual sliders, etc making the act enjoyable.

7. Foreplay – As compared to the various other ways, the good old foreplay never goes out of fashion. Every steamy make-out session should always begin with great foreplay. Foreplay is a mood charger and it sets the stage for the main action. You can use a number of tools like lubricants, vibrators, etc to make it more pleasurable. You can also take turns into the foreplay session. It gives both the partners something to look forward to.

8. Kissing – Whatever you do to satisfy each other, do not forget the basics. Studies show that kissing aids in increasing the Oxytocin level, the body’s natural feel-good hormone. It also makes the romantic bond strong between the two partners. It creates that innate desire for one another before the act of lovemaking. The regular smooch usually does the job but, if you want to make it a little more interesting, look on the internet to discover new styles of lip locks and feel free to experiment with your better half.

9. Edible fun – “I am going to eat you up”. This is not just a sci-fi movie dialogue but, it also sounds really hot when your partner tells you this. Our next idea is just that in the literal sense. Flavored oils and body paints, edible gels, and nipple balms are great turn-ons. Buy them and go wild on your imagination while using it on your partner. These products are 100% safe to consume. Slather each other and lick it off orgasming at the same time.

10. Move out of the bed – The best thing about sex is that you can experiment a lot if you have that kind of enthusiasm. Try different positions and try different places. In simple words, get out of that bed! Try the couch, areas in your kitchen which appeal to you, your living area, bathroom, your car! The adrenaline rush that you will feel while making out is something out of this world. Break out of a routine when it comes to sex.

11. Mirror mirror on the wall – Mirrors have a sex appeal of their own. Having a steamy session in front of the mirror will ignite the flames. Choose a great and comfortable position and get going. You will be turned on looking at your partner’s changing expressions during the act.

12. Blindfold fun – Blindfold your partner and explore their body in the most innovative ways that you can. The unpredictability of your next move will drive them crazy. He/she will wait for more. The best way to turn the heat on would be to perform oral sex when they are blindfolded.

13. Do not use hands – This is a fun game to build wild passion. Keep a timer of 15 minutes (we guarantee that you won’t be able to hold on for long) and touch others. It’s not that simple! Touch and feel each other without using your hands. Go berserk; use your lips, tongue and everything else that you can think of to delve into each other. Then set yourself free and go wild!

14. Play strip question – Heard something new? If you have had a long romantic history with your partner, then this should be a fun game. Ask sexy questions to each other like “where did we do it the first time?” For every wrong answer, take off one article of clothing and see how the fun unravels. We suggest you wear a few extra layers to double the fun. You can also try the Kheper Games Extreme Personal Questions Card Game for a set of readymade questions.

15. Role reversal – If you are the submissive one, take charge. It will take a lot of courage but, your partner will love the experience. Try riding him for a change and see your man go bonkers with you on top. He will be your slave forever!

16. Slip into the shower – Wet sex sessions are a super hit for almost everyone. Catch your partner off guard and sneak into their shower. Undress and start stroking them. Do more stuff if you wish to, but chances are you won’t have to do anything much after that. Enjoy your wet sexcapade.

17. Bondage – Do you have a thing for kinky sex? If yes, then you have an ocean of choices. Right from handcuffs to vibrating rings to anal bendy beads to dildos, your options are unlimited and the experience will be beyond your imagination. A little experimentation never hurts when it comes to sex.

18. Quickies – A super quick sex is always very enticing. The best part of a quickie is that you can get done with it just about anywhere (let your imagination run wild). You could do it just before heading to work, or the moment he walks through the door. You will end up making his/her day.

19. Recreate your honeymoon night – Your first night or your honeymoon night is one experience that both of you can never forget. Relive it by dressing up your room the way it was that night. This time, add some elements of surprise. Dress up in a super sexy outfit, use The Screaming O Yoga Vibrating pleasure ring and spice it up.

20. Tease (A LOT!) – In every romantic relationship, the teasing should always be alive. The more you tease each other, the more spark prevails in your relation. Be playful and pinch your partner’s ass. Bend a little and give him a cleavage show. At times, just brush your hand on his penis while you walk past. It is a little confusing, but it is also flirty and your man will love it.

21. Learn to give a killer blow job – A great blow job is every man’s unspoken dream. Research the internet, master the art and gift him with a mind-blowing blow job. Your partner will be on his knees begging for more.

22. Tingle em’ up – Did you know that hot and cold sensations during sex rev things up? If not, then try this. Take an ice cube and a cup of warm chocolate sauce (ensure that it is warm and not boiling). Blindfold your partner and glide over his/her body with the ice tucked in your lips. Then, alternate it with the chocolate sauce. Enjoy your act and watch your partner squirm with the tingling sensations.

23. Go for a Sex-cation – For once, drop all your responsibilities; leave your kids at your parents’ and go for a holiday and just have undisturbed sex. Do it in the morning, do it after lunch and whenever you want to. Just do it!

24. Cuddle – Sometimes, you just don’t feel up for the act. Do a little kissing, hold each other tight, cuddle up and have a good night’s sleep. Surprising as it is, it keeps your romance alive.

25. Go Anal – For LGBT couples, anal sex is the show stopper. Try the Hot eXXtreme anal spray for a heightened sense of pleasure. It is suitable for both men and women and it also relaxes the anal muscles.

26. Sex toys and Products – Sex toys are the best way to add some spark in your relationship. Plus, it also gives both of you an element of surprise. Check out the entire range of sex toys for men and sex toys for women.

27. Bathtub fun – Getting into a bath with your partner is a relaxing yet fantastic experience. Light up the Shunga Massage candle; spread the aroma and indulge your partner with a relaxing and sensuous massage. Later, bed him/her like you are the boss.

28. Dress up game – Gift your man some kinky underwear and feast your eyes on him. A sexy G string is a great choice to sex up your night.

29. Delay the guys – At times, when you both are at the peak of your mood and he climaxes, it kind of spoils the fun. Fret not! We have a solution for this as well. The hot XXl cream for men is a superb option as it improves erections and increases feelings of desires. Use it and gift yourself unlimited fun.

30. Vibrate it – The feeling of vibration is a hundred percent pleasurable. For women, any kind of stimulation on their clitoris or their vagina is a major turn on. The innumerable currents are to die for. Use a vibrator on yourself or your partner and climax back to back.

31. Discover the G spot – Every woman has a weak point in her body. Try various areas and positions with your lady love and pay attention to her reactions. One such area is the G spot which is located at about 50 to 80 mm inside the vagina, on the front wall. For some women, stimulation of this area creates an intense orgasm. Discover this spot in your woman’s body and give her a pleasure that she never experienced in her life. Use a G-spot vibrator to reach your destination.

These should be enough tips to keep your act going for about a month. Try them and we are sure you will thank us! You can even create a Sex Activity calendar and assign an act for each day. Sex is a desirable act in which you can drop your inhibitions and go all out with experimentation. So, make the most of the different tools and options available and experience a roller coaster of sexperience.