Indian food for longer sex

5 Indian foods for sexually longer time in bed

Home remedies are India's number one resort whenever it comes to it pimples or hair fall or even cough. Apart from the obsession with “fair and lovely” appearance, Indians are obsessed with sex as well. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve performance in bed. And generally we look for over the…

Indian steamy sex confessions stories

Truly Indian steamy sex confessions stories

Stealing glances and nervous smiles are witnessed everywhere amidst the hustle in India. Be in metros or neighborhoods, the fire between two souls is in the air too just like love is. Taking a sizzling bold step, 2 youngsters unleash their guilty-free sessions of passion. Here we look at some Honest Indian confession made by…

Top condoms in India

Top 10 condoms Indians are buying online right now!

Condoms are a huge rage and why shouldn’t be? They offer the simplest form of contraceptives and surefire ways to prevent any kind of sexually transmitted disease. All of this at the cost of peanuts! Now picture this, the entire line of condoms at the aisle are your favorite flavors plus all are light on…

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