Thanks to Lust Stories & Veere Di Wedding, Indians are buying sex toys more than ever…

Do you imagine how prevalent is Bollywood?

If you have ever given a thought on how much impact does movies have on the real world, especially Bollywood. Here’s the answer(with evidence)……A lot !

Bollywood not only impacts strongly, but also impacts almost instantly.

And we have got an ideal example today in this post……

Recently, Bollywood fans went gaga over the multi-starrer release of the movie “Veere Di Wedding”.

It was the first time a mainstream Bollywood movie had 4 independent, urban women in leading roles living life on their own terms, without fighting for a single hero.

Which was and is a HUGE deal.

So as expected, it got hyped.

For the A-list actors, for women empowerment and for a roller-coaster story it promised in the trailer.

When the movie got released, it definitely made the headlines.

But for all the wrong reasons……for giving us a chick-flick in the name of women empowerment and for the iconic masturbation scene.

Veere Di Wedding had set the internet on fire with movie-goers complaining how uncomfortable it was to witness a women pleasuring herself on the big screen.

Following a similar concept, On 15th June Netflix released its much-hyped anthology “Lust Stories” which again showcased an Indian woman reaching an orgasm through a remote control vibrator.

Women all over India could relate to the vibrant young woman seeking pleasure on her own terms.

Both of these movies gave out a simple, basic message, Women are sexual beings too. Period.

Swara and Megha’s confidence in their own sexuality was contagious to say the least. It oozed out of the screens and straight to Indian women’s repressed sexual senses.

These two mediums strongly expanded and heavily profited the sex toys industry in India.

Just the way it was shown, it resonated with a lot of Indian women and they took to the internet to feed their curiosity.

According to an analysis of the Google search engine by, India’s largest sexual wellness and adult product store.

Indians searching for the words like -“Sex toys”, “Sex toys in India” , “Sex toys for women” and “Female sex toys in India” increased by a whopping 170% in the 2nd half of June 2018 which is also the time where the two movies were released.

Going further,

This traffic surge naturally increased female sex toys sales like dildo and vibrators by 57% on website.

The spotlight wasn’t only on the female, because sales of overall sex toys also saw an increase of 48% due to the awareness and curiosity that got created by these movies.

Now you must be thinking, how did people just barge in and purchased these pleasure items.

No, it wasn’t so easy.

All those Indians who were searching for sex toys online after watching these movies, they weren’t “know-it-all” about vibrators. Like million other Indians, they also had no clue what these vibrators are and what they do.

It wasn’t a cake walk for them. But made it easy.

The dedicated customer service team at ThatsPersonal, received 30% more customer queries regarding vibrators & female sex toys.

So many Indians do not know what a vibrator does and how it can take their pleasure levels to new heights and make them experience a whole lot erotic.

Thankfully, the biggest influencer in India , i.e Bollywood, has come to terms with showing sexually confident females after years of stereotyping them.

So there you go.

Thank You India.

With all the vibrators selling, we would say the pleasure is all ours….but we would be wrong. Won’t we? *wink wink*.